What is Holistic Health?

What is Holistic Health?

Things Worth Considering, By Gord Riddell
August 2018 Newsletter

Gord Riddell

Gord Riddell

In days of old, our health was seen to by our resident family specialist who knew every remedy to take care of whatever was ailing us. For more serious ailments, the shaman or wise woman may have been consulted. Their combined knowledge of plants, herbs and the healing properties of the natural and the unseen world soon had us back on our feet in no time.

As for myself, I had my grandmother. First sign of a headache I would seek her out, she would place her healing hands on my head and before I knew it, headache gone and out the door I went. A pretty cool introduction to Holistic Healing for me with no doubting thoughts nagging away at my experience.

The microscope came with a new understanding of our inner physical workings. The idea of infectious agents like bacteria and viruses would forever change the face of health care. The advent of hygiene and then drugs would soon make natural health care obsolete for many people. A pill became the solution to many if not, most problems.

There is no denying for a second the changes that medicine has brought to the human condition. We live longer and die less often from natural events like childbirth. A broken bone is reset, and we are left with little, to no disability, from the event. People rarely die from the common cold today.

Given such breakthroughs, why bother with Holistic Health at all? The answers are many, but the thing I see repeatedly is, most of us are not seeing medical doctors for acute infections, broken bones, or organ shutdown. Not to say those things do inflict many people each day, but even more suffer from chronic illnesses.

Chronic and Lifestyle illnesses from years of not taking care of our self. Not losing that few extra pounds which now drives our high cholesterol and perhaps diabetes, the aches and pains of never really working out, the shortness of breath from not quitting smoking years ago.

The unresolved issues we carry in our minds, our emotions built up from years and decades of internal and external conflict exact their damage through addictions, sleep disorders, eating disorders and the endless internal dialogue of critical and judgmental thought forms. We are now the perfect candidates for a trip to the world of Holistic Health Care.

Holistic Health when properly and fully applied is multi-faceted and a dynamic series of healing modalities.

The field of Holistic health care is also perfect for those who love working and helping others achieve wellness.
In a recent job report by the government, Holistic Health was profiled as having an above average demand for practitioners, resulting in a shortage of workers in the field from now through to 2026.

Some of the areas that Holistic Health embraces:

The Physical

  1. Body Work – whether it be Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology they all provide an important role in releasing blocked energy and muscles but also they re-enforce the importance of touch in our wellness.
  2. Aromatherapy – not only provides the above advantages of body work but is enhanced by the use of aromas and fragrances, which stimulate and/or soothe our immune and nervous systems.
  3. Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy – provide important and complementary adjuncts to any treatment program.
  4. Diet and Exercise – the importance of these two areas in any wellness program is irrefutable as to their benefits.

The Emotional

  1. Clear old emotions – the more old hurts and anger we hold onto from our past, the more problems we will potentially have with our health. The key here is to actually clear and transform old energies into something we can learn from.
  2. Let go of situations and relationships that no longer work for us – moving on is part of the human experience. Many people get stuck and then ill, from hanging on to toxic people and situations.
  3. Know your inner dialogue – we all have beliefs and messages from the past that we use to stop us in our tracks from doing what we need to do.

The Spiritual

  1. Brings a deeper meaning to our experiences.
  2. Spiritual Tools – meditation, yoga, prayer, energy, and the use of sound are a few of the tools that the spiritual area can provide to us to enhance our lives.
  3. Spiritual Clarity – a knowledge of the human soul and its needs will move us toward understanding and inner peace about our life, our health, and our journey.

Our resistance to change is probably the biggest obstacle to lifestyle and emotional shifts which would enhance our wellness. Our innate need to maintain the status quo even if it is hurting us is a leading contributor to our lack of well-being.

Humans are very complex and need to be treated accordingly. All things are interconnected at many different levels and the kindest thing we can do is recognize that complexity and address as many levels of the human experience that is available for us to learn from and to enhance, in our self and in others.

Interested in Holistic Health Care Studies?

There are programs and courses ready to welcome you into the world of Holistic Health and there isn’t a better time to get ready to be a practitioner of such ancient, sacred and important wellness traditions. Call Maria Gallé at 416-484-0454 Ext 32, (email: mariag@transformationalarts.com), or Pat Rigby at Ext 30, (email: prigby@transformationalarts.com) or Linda Kuschnir at 416-484-8178 (email: lindak@transformationalarts.com) to get more information about becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Until September, enjoy every last summer day.


~ Gord Riddell