October 2018 Newsletter


Interesting News Worth Repeating, By Gord Riddell
September/October 2018 Newsletter

Gord Riddell

Gord Riddell

With the new school year under way and program classes having begun, I wanted to fill you in with the latest news and tidbits from around the College. Firstly, if you missed the registration date cut off and are now kicking yourself for not following through on something you always wanted to do, here is what you can still do and how we can help you move towards your goals.

Program News

Spiritual Psychotherapy Program – the Accelerated Program, usually done in one year, is full for this academic year.
Suggestion: Start by taking the Discovering the Total Self Program which is mandatory, this year, then next year you will follow-up with the Spiritual Psychotherapy Program classes, and you will have given yourself an easier paced study solution.

The 2-Year Plus Program, is still possible to register for but it means applying and registering now, today. Program meets one weekend a month and one evening a week. If not possible but you have your eyes set on next year, the same suggestion as above holds true, start the Discovering the Total Self this year, come next year you will be glad you did.

Holistic Health Practitioner Program – The full-time Holistic Health Program has also started. Since it is designed with multiple start dates it is possible to start at various times throughout the year when your schedule is open and ready to explore this exciting profession. The next 2-year complete part-time program, held on mostly weekends and some evenings, starts in February 2019.

Spiritual Director Training Program is sold out for 2018-2019. You can though register for next years program starting September 2019.

Coaching is a yes! It is later in the year and starts on February 26, 2019.

If you are a last-minute type of person, we can still accommodate you in several dynamic programs.

Experience has shown me, rarely if ever, does opportunity knock at that perfect moment, at the perfect time, when we are ready. Instead it arrives when we still have lots of reasons for not doing the very things we want in our life. We must create readiness for ourselves and hop on when the bus appears, with faith in the universe to guide us onward.

Faculty News

I had relayed previously that Sue Diplock was stepping down from some of her duties, continuing to carry a lighter teaching load while pursuing other areas of interest in her career. However, circumstances change, and Sue will be departing from TAC entirely as of October 15th, 2018. Sue leaves with our gratitude for her years of teaching.

Two new faces step up to join the faculty of Spiritual Psychotherapy. First, we welcome Deb Maybury, a graduate of Transformational Arts, author of the book, “Unlock the door”, a filmmaker and advocate for children’s protection and rights in healing and stopping childhood sexual abuse.

Next, we welcome Dr. Jan Hill, also a graduate of the Spiritual Psychotherapy Program and the Spiritual Directors program. A professor at York University, a multi-published author and previously a lecturer at Brock and Ryerson Universities. A proponent of positive psychology, and a corporate coach, she brings with her a vast wealth of knowledge to the field of eating disorders.

We are thrilled to welcome both Deb Maybury and Jan Hill to the faculty of Transformational Arts.


Shortly we will be renovating our premises at 3300 Yonge Street. After 20 years at this location we are signing onto another lease to remain as it is such an easily reached location. Our third-floor classroom, Suite 302, newly acquired last year, will be enlarged substantially, the new space will go from a width of 20 feet to 36 feet by 31 feet. It will be a beautiful large classroom with windows across the entire 36 feet.

A reminder that our lending library is available to all registered students and is at the entrance into suite 302 classroom. No membership fee, no borrowing fee, however keep a book too long and there is a late return fee.

Case Studies Offices Open to Psychotherapy and Holistic Students.

For those entering into case studies with the need for office space, we will be increasing our availability of space from 2 to 4 offices and they may now be rented 7 days a week. Saturday and Sunday bookings are now available with the addition of administration staff on weekends.

Please direct all enquiries to Shane White, Monday through Fridays for information on renting case studies office space or to book space. He is at 416-484-0454 ext. 24.
Note: Reception does not handle rentals.

The Finale for this edition of Tidbits…

I have been signed on for a 13-week pilot series on Voice America Radio on their Empowerment Channel. The series is entitled “Things Worth Considering” the same title as my newsletter blog. It will be interviews , phone in and even a studio audience being broadcast from the College. My Co-host will be Dr. Jan Hill. A bit of she said, he said!

Opening night is January 3, 2019 at 8 pm ET. Please keep this night open, it will continue every Thursday at 8 pm for 13 weeks.

I will publish the connection link via your computer when available and hope you will listen in!

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving!
With deepest gratitude,

~ Gord Riddell