Things Worth Considering

By Gord Riddell – July 2018 Report

Gord Riddell

Gord Riddell

As we are moving into July with a final reprieve from winter’s, what seemed like a never-ending grasp on cold, it is that time of the year to bring you up to date on the ongoing transformation here at Transformational Arts.

A week ago, we proudly celebrated the 30th anniversary of Transformational Arts. Thirty years is a formidable track record of serving southern Ontario providing spiritual and personal growth education. I humbly thank you for your on-going support and belief in the work that we have endeavoured to share since our first day opening the doors. A vision of self and spiritual awareness for its participants, having enriched their own lives by investing time in their own journey of discovery.

The outreach created by the students as they bring new ways of being into their lives, their relationship and their work place. Each person they interact with can experience the shift in these students to a kinder, gentler, more empathic way of being in this world. That openness becomes an invitation for others to try something different in their own lives. A giant ripple effect is created as each person touches another, while gradually and gently, we all benefit from these positive changes as they spread across our worlds.

It takes great bravery and sometimes great pain to answer the call of our evolving human Spirit. Although there are days when the world seems like an overblown balloon of chaos hurling through space, when great human suffering is broadcast directly into our living room and bedrooms on the nightly news, when our faith has been shaken, and our patience sorely tried, we again re-establish our own centre of beingness and hold the vision for better ways to reveal themselves.

The anniversary weekend began with our bi-weekly Compassion Circle, a beautiful collective experience of energy transfer and healing. It set the tone for the weekend. Saturday was our annual summer Solstice and Student Celebration where we seek to harness the powerful solstice energy and encouragingly pass the torch onto our students who, having finished their course work, are in their final stretch of finishing assignments, exams and completing their case studies readying them for their new career goals.

Sunday was our Open House and Reception which saw the school overflowing with many well-wishers. Students, former students, graduates and faculty attended, as this was OUR celebration, ours because TAC while it may be a school, it also serves us in many ways. For some, it is their spiritual home, for others it is a community and associating with others of like mind. Many deep friendships are forged through our shared experiences.

Student-ceremony-2018Thank you to all who came by and let me personally know what an enriching through to mind blowing experience Transformational Arts has been for them. Thank you to a brilliant faculty, a great many of whom were there for Saturday and Sunday’s festivities. Your contribution and commitment to TAC is formidable and the students are all the richer for your teaching and mentoring. I think of Ken Sullivan and Linda Kuschnir both who have been with the school, in some capacity for 27 or 28 years. Michelle DesRoches and Tiffany Lazic both are close to the 25-year mark also.

With gratitude to the administrative group of Pat Rigby, Maria Galle, Shane White and Aline Perez, all are above the 10-year mark and above. Jada Hulley, our man by the door at reception, is the new kid on the block as he enters 3 years with us.

Sue Diplock

Having a name like Transformational also invites rapid transformation in all our lives, reluctant or not, change is inevitable and to be celebrated when individuals hear their own spirit calling them to new experiences. Such is the case with our faculty member, Sue Diplock, a highly respected instructor and registered psychotherapist. For over a decade, Sue has served her students as an instructor, as a Psychotherapist served clients of the Counselling Clinic and even served as the Clinic Co-ordinator for the last number of years. In Sue’s own words:

Over the past decade, accompanying students in their therapeutic explorations and processes has truly been an honour and privilege. This work has nourished and nurtured the passion of my soul. I am planning to take that passion into the further development of my private psychotherapy practice, and into the creative process of group work, workshops, continuing education and writing – and the launching of a website! This is a very exciting time for me as I am being divinely guided into an expanded way of serving.

I will continue to teach two modules and offer supervision in the Spiritual Psychotherapy Program. I am delighted to be able to remain affiliated with this educational institution that is very near and dear to my heart. I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful professional training program, and it will surely feel different to let go of a large part of the teaching that has deeply touched my heart for the past 10 years.

From my heart to yours, with gratitude,
~ Sue Diplock

Sue, on behalf of the College, thank you for being so committed to excellence and the education of the students. We are thrilled that you will continue at TAC, although in a reduced capacity, as an instructor in Spiritual Psychotherapy. I wish you the best on your journey ahead, may your creative spirit raise you to new heights and full workshops. ~ Namaste Gord

Now September is only weeks away, and courses and programs are filling up quickly. We have expanded our space, adding an enlarged classroom and administrative/ clinic office space. We now boast a great library for registered students. The rest is in your hands, go on line or pick up the phone and look to registering today for the journey of a lifetime. May the joys of blissful summer breezes and warm rays of sunshine caress your face as gratitude fills your heart.

Be Well and Live Well

~ Gord Riddell