The Great Cast-Off

The Great Cast-Off — Christmas 2018

Things Worth Considering, By Gord Riddell
December 2018 Newsletter

Gord Riddell

Gord Riddell

FLASHBACK January 2018 — Do you recall the first newsletter of this past year? I was moved to make a prediction for the year, now coming to an end. I felt we would find our self moving at breakneck speed and yet, feel buried under paperwork and multiple small projects that have been waiting for our attention for some time. Our attention was spent on the big stuff in the last few years, (the hype of 2012 perhaps?), and all these things we deemed non-essential then, have been piling up and suddenly they became essential, eating up a lot of our time. My very informal survey shows my prediction was bang on for many people. Many spent these 12 months sorting, reorganizing, and redesigning just about everything. It certainly created lots of stress trying to prioritize things that previously were not even showing up on the radar but now each thing was asserting their priority over the other.

December 2018 — With Christmas looming on the horizon, where are you today? It seems we are very focused on disposing of all that is deemed unnecessary. Yes, we are lightening the load and recycling, redesigning, reusing, giving away all the stuff we have been hanging onto, just in case we may need it but never do! If you don’t see this happening for you at the moment, hang in there, because you will be and it’s all good.

Those who have stepped into this clearing time, just keep working your way through everything that you are moved to let go of. This exercise may be trying at best and beg you to walk away and leave the rest till next year but that is not what this exercise is for. The great cast off as I call it, is about creating space and a place to hold space for the planet and her people, because this cast off is happening right around the globe. Ask the people around you and discover they too are busy sorting, finding new uses for and casting stuff away, seemingly in silence, as no one realized that this is actually happening.

Some say we are regressing, given some of the political, financial and health issues we learn of through the media each day, but I don’t believe that anything is regressive. If all things happen for a reason, then there must be a purpose to what may feel like our seemingly backwards movement. It is showing us where we don’t want to be, and what we don’t want to emulate. There is a lack of light. That almost unexplainable spiritual light that emanates from people who care about others, who have a generosity of spirit as they seek to bring all people to an equal level of living that is honouring and respectful without the judgements of determining who receives and who does not receive. The great cast off is preparing space in us and around us, for those who choose to hold our light and the light of the universe, to boldly shine it outwardly into the world.

Slowly our awareness is increasing as its intensity builds, calling us to hold space and witness the healing power that each person contributes by their sharing and ability to distribute this light. These ideas certainly take us outside of our norm and yet in our gut they seem to sing to us, knowing it is the sounds which we are resonating to. What better time than the shortest days of the year to commit to the light that disappears at the end of this cycle and when historically our ancestors knew that life changed as the light changed outside. Christmas, Hanukah and Diwali all celebrate in their own traditions the shortening of the days., the encroaching darkness and the feeling for a good long sleep overpowering our need to be awake.

As we enter into this Christmas season and with Hanukah finishing up , become more cognisant of the light that people around you radiate and become even more aware of the light you may keep hidden, it is time to put your light out there. Let your light shine that its radiance feeds those bereft of their own light and nourishes their light back awake again. Let our neighbourhoods , towns, villages and cities light up because the essence of your spirit has been released in the unselfish act of assisting others, the lights of kindness, empathy and compassion brightly shining.

On behalf of the staff and faculty of Transformational Arts College, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and our very best for a shining and stellar 2019.

Yours in the light,

~ Gord Riddell