Since my last message in September, much has happened throughout North America. The Hurricanes that ripped through the Caribbean and the southern U.S., from the floods of Houston, Texas on through to Florida, the lost lives and absolute destruction of some Caribbean islands, once again reminding us that Mother Nature is not to be messed with. It is obvious that changing weather patterns, whether it is called global warming or not, point to the future and the increasing weather intensity we may be encountering because we didn’t take care of our most precious resource, the earth.

October in Canada brings us to our annual festivity, celebrating all that is abundant and prosperous in our lives, the Thanksgiving Day feast. Designed at the end of the harvest season, we celebrate the bountiful nature of what Mother Earth supplied to us, allowing our survival by having abundant food and water with which to nourish our bodies. Although held on different dates in many countries, the harvest has been celebrated for thousands of years as a spiritual act of gratitude.

This year as people went about preparing for Thanksgiving, mindful of the tragedies the hurricanes brought forth, many others travelled away for the long weekend. There was though, a discernible shift of energy in the air. People were more subdued and introspective. It was obvious another event, a few days earlier, in Las Vegas, was affecting us all. The tragedy of such senseless violence is not just the 59 lives lost and the shattering of their respective families, the injured who were wounded and now have a journey of healing ahead of them but also the spectator, not just those who were physically there but all of us who watched and followed the events on the television or internet.

Events such as the Las Vegas shootings or when 9/11 occurred, render a psychic shock to us all. Our collective energy being shattered by a flood of erratic energy pouring into our own energy fields. The fear, the pain and the anguish of such violent events become part of our experience. Although we may not consciously feel those same emotions or be able to verbalize them, we do experience the shock in our energy bodies. Our numerous energy bodies such as our emotional, spiritual, mental, and transpersonal, each vibrating at their own frequency, are very sensitive to changes in our surrounding energy and they will alter their own vibratory rates in response to the stimuli. Our chakra system joins together our various energetic bodies and helps modulate and optimize their effect on our body, mind and spirit. If our energy is not flowing properly due to an external experience, blocks are created and blocked energy centres can cause anything from headaches to altering our energy and moods.

I think it is important to realize that events, although not in our own backyard, do have an adverse effect on us and doing various exercises to help release any blocks is the best thing we can do. For instance, if our lower 2 chakras are involved, at the pelvis and sacral spine areas, we will experience pure survival emotions and beliefs such as there not being enough of anything for us, like love, food, or money, we can feel fear and panic at our own ideas, and whether true or not, that we are stuck in this place and anything we do to change our situation is futile. We may feel cut off from ourselves but also be unable to connect to others and to our divine energy source of universal energy. If the third chakra centre becomes blocked then we may spend a lot of time worrying and ruminating about the things that are triggered by the lower 2 chakras, not enough of anything and survival issues. We are analyzing how we can be in control of our experiences and lives.

What You Can Do

Many people think when they study meditation, they are learning to open their chakras and clear the energy to create balance. That is partially true. My experience is, in general, most people already have energy centres that are wide open and they need to learn to close their energy centres. Then they can develop the knowledge of how and when to open their centres and when to close them again. People walk around like giant sponges, unintentionally absorbing energy from others, and being subjected to other people’s energy which can be quite erratic at times. Empaths, sensitives and lightworkers are particularly susceptible to absorbing others` energies, causing them to feel ill with headaches and nausea, or they may become aware that their moods are shifting from calm and peaceful, to agitated and tense or even weepy. The first point is to learn about your chakras and when to open and close those centres.

Our next tool, scientifically evidenced in countless studies, is that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a powerful cushion when faced with adversity. Remember a very unhappy time in your life and what it was like. Now compare that experience to today, you feel happier(at least not more unhappy) and realize that you made it through the pain and hardship of then, and here you are today. In the face of horrendous experiences, it is not being suggested that gratitude will flow easily, however the studies of gratitude show it strengthens us, it has the power to energize, it brings hope and has the power to heal.

It is important to differentiate feeling grateful and being grateful. We cannot easily will ourselves to feeling grateful or less depressed or happier. Our feelings follow through from the way we look at the world, the thoughts we have about it, our thoughts of the way things should be and then the reality of the way things really are. It is the distance between those two points, what should be and what is, that we use to determine our okay-ness and our gratefulness.

Gratitude helps us with perspective, when faced with adversity, to see the big picture, our life in its entirety and not be overwhelmed by temporary setbacks or circumstances. Gratitude has also been proven to strengthen our resiliency.

This Thanksgiving has provided us a chance to view the bigger picture of our life and express gratitude for the many things we are blessed with. It by no means diminishes the horrors of the Las Vegas shooting or the devastation that extreme weather brought upon so many people. We can be grateful and empathetic to those who suffer at the same time. An Attitude of Gratitude may be our most redeeming quality and useful tool to guide us through the chaos our world has entered, at least temporarily.

In deepest gratitude.

Be Well and Live Well

~ Gord Riddell