Spiritual Psychotherapy 1-Year Accelerated Program

Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director Combined Program

A 1-year, full-time accelerated program combining Spiritual Psychotherapy Training, Discovering the Total Self and Spiritual Director Programs.

This is ideal for those wanting to become a Psychotherapist with a psychospiritual basis and who also desire to practice as a Spiritual Director.



Transformational Arts offers a 1 year full-time program combining the popular Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program, Discovering the Total Self Program and Spiritual Director Program.

Who is this program for?

This is ideal for those wanting to become a Psychotherapist with a psychospiritual basis and who also desire to practice as a Spiritual Director.


Program Outline

Programs and Courses Hours
Discovering the Total Self Program 200 Hours
Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program

Including Case Studies Competencies Course and Business Course

392 hours
Spiritual Director Program 111 hours
Total Classroom Hours 703 hours
Personal Therapy Hours 100 hours
Client Sessions 134 hours
Group Case Supervision 30 hours
Individual Case Supervision 15 hours
Total Program Hours 982 hours

Note: Additional time outside of classroom hours is required to complete client contact hours and clinical supervision.

Program Instructors

Gord Riddell, Co-founder, President

Michelle DesRoches, Jan Hill, Andrew Kun, Linda Kuschnir,
Tiffany Lazic, Deb Maybury, Joanne MorganPauline O’Hanlon and Ken Sullivan: Registered Psychotherapists for the College’s Psychotherapy Clinic and facilitators of Discovering the Total Self Program.

Start Dates

1-Year Accelerated Program: Mon. Sept. 9, 2019*

Mon. and Tues. mornings and afternoons, Wed. afternoons and evenings, 4 Thurs. mornings, some scheduled Thurs. are full days, 1 Sat. Wed, afternoon for Case Studies.

Includes the Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Total Self and Case Studies Course. *with 2 scheduled breaks

The following 1-Year Accelerated Program start date is Mon. Sept 14, 2020

Note: Additional time outside of the classroom is required to complete an online psychopharmacology course, client contact hours and clinical supervision.


Students must attend 100% of classes in order to receive a Diploma from Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. (Make-up classes can be scheduled)
A passing mark of 75% for exams must be obtained. Practicums must also be completed.
This program involves a minimum of 590 hours of study including the Case Studies Course and the hours from the Total Self Program. For the Total Self Program, 75% attendance is required for each module.


The full-time program price of $13,285. plus $235 (for Administrative and Materials Fee) includes basic fee plus the Total Self, Spiritual Director and Case Studies at a cost savings of 15%.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of application.

Financial Plans geared to meet your needs are available.

Cost for books, therapy and Intensives are extra.



  • Mature students of 21 years of age may also apply.
  • At least 100 hours of individual and/ or group therapy need to be completed to receive a Diploma. Therapy should be started before the program begins. Therapists must do their own inner work before they can become effective professionals.
  • It is recommended that one Intensive be completed during the first year at the College. The hours for the Intensive can be applied towards the required 100 therapy hours.

To Register:

For an information package, schedule, application form and to hold your space, contact Linda Kuschnir, Registrar, at 416-484-0454 ext. 23 or lindak@transformationalarts.com. You may also inquire using our webform

As enrolment is limited and waiting lists are common, you are encouraged to register now.

All applicants for programs will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on space availability. Once the program reaches maximum capacity applicants are placed on a waiting list. Acceptance into the program is conditional and does require an interview meeting in person or by telephone.

An undergraduate degree or Prior Learning Assessment Recognition for Bachelor Degree Equivalency is required for admission to the Spiritual Psychotherapy Program. As is the case with every other academic or modality based institution, equivalency to an undergraduate degree may be considered for application through PLAR—Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition.