Energy Work Training Certificate

Energy Work Training Certificate

Energy work and chakra clearing has become widely accepted as a method of restoring balance to the energy field and body.



In this certificate program, you will learn how to use intuition in energy work, tools to work with the 7 primary chakras and human aura and powerful techniques in energy medicine. Gain experience in medical intuition to determine possible psychospiritual influences behind illnesses and how to work with guided imagery and prayer.

The following are the modalities/courses that make up this certificate program:


Classroom Hours – 180

Case Studies and Practicum Hours – 36


Note: Individual certificates are also given for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

Tuition and Registration

Tuition Fee: $2,900

($300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space).

Material Fee: $50 (Additional materials may be required, payable to the instructor).


Pre-Registration is necessary.


For information or to register, please contact Maria Gallé at or 416.484.0454 ext.25 or Pat Rigby at or 416.484.0454 ext.30.