Greetings and importantly, Happy New Year to all!

From the comments I have been hearing 2018 is off to a running start. It certainly is here at Transformational Arts. Many classes are filled or still registering their final few places before the winter term starts up. It feels from the many things occurring that this year is the finale for the previous years of clearing and cleaning. By that I am not referring to scrubbing down our homes, but of many small detailed pieces that we all had put aside while we concentrated on the bigger issues of the past few years.

My sense is that this will be challenging for a great many people because there are lots of small, detailed, even bureaucratic items to be put away. The challenge will be to those who, not unlike myself, are big picture people and are not especially excited by the minute details of a project. The good news is, this current cycle of upheaval that has lasted about 8 years is ending. Much has changed in our world, the planet and her inhabitants are living at a higher vibrational rate, which will bode us all well. It is this higher vibrational rate that pushes what remains of unresolved issues to the surface. Everything from conflicts between nations, to community poverty, and on to our own bodily aches and pains are on our horizon, as we seek solutions to release their underlying causes.

Putting away my esoteric tools of prediction, I remembered as I typed the date for this message how far this date seemed to be in the future and suddenly, here we are. Science fiction movies used to use the second decade of the 21st century as their point of reference. That date has been moved forward a few decades, for now at least.

At this time each New Year many look at creating the proverbial new year’s resolutions, first identifying what isn’t working in our lives, then going about trying to change and alter things that we may have put off doing (and knowing that we should have been doing), and finally committing our self to get those things accomplished. Many will be unsuccessful with their resolutions because we tend to make our goals too big. People feel overwhelmed by the daunting tasks they have set for themselves. Below are 13 things that I offer as a substitute to those resolutions. If we all opened to these ideas and integrated their associated attitudes and behaviours, we would revolutionize human society, and the human experience.

In the light of beginnings and newness, I would like to extend these 13 wishes for us all:

  1. May we be divinely inspired and connected to our Source Energy, whatever we may conceive that to be.
  2. May we know that we always have a choice in all things in this life, no matter how difficult those choices may appear.
  3. May we find and use our inner courage to move from point A to point B.
  4. May we be fearless and not affected by other people’s opinions of us or the media’s tendency to create hysteria.
  5. May we always know the Universe does not give us any challenges that we are unable to handle and navigate our way through.
  6. May our creativity guide us to seek new and exciting pathways for all our projects.
  7. May we live with compassion for all things including people, animals, plants and the planet.
  8. May we learn that sometimes other peoples’ needs may have to be met before we can meet our own. This is fundamental to living with compassion.
  9. May we always use our voice to express our needs and claim a place in the world.
  10. May we use our voice in kindness, directness and a clear intention to build other people up and never to tear them down.
  11. May we commit to perform one random act of kindness each day, no matter how we may feel! They are probably having a worse day than we are.
  12. May we become self-aware enough to never assume we know another person’s story or situation just as they do not know ours. Presumption and assumption destroy relationships and ourselves.
  13. May our hearts be filled with love, our soul guided by hope and grace and a smile on our faces.

This is my wish for us all as we enter 2018. My hope always being that this planet of wars, unrest and fighting, both globally and locally, may one day be defined by peace, caring, sharing and empathy.

I wish you a wonderful month filled with hope and light and the year ahead filled with new possibilities!

Warmly Namaste,

Gord Riddell
Transformational Arts College

PS- It is good karma to pass these newsletters along to friends and family.