How can I fit the payment for my training program into my budget?

We are happy to create a flexible payment plan with you that takes into consideration your income, expenses and other financial needs. If you are taking the Holistic Program you can earn separate designations in Aromatherapy and Reflexology earlier in the Program to help you earn income while completing your studies.

Do I receive tax credits when I take a training program at Transformational Arts?

Yes. Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training is a federally certified Private Educational Institute with Service Canada. Training programs qualify for tuition tax credits. Receipts are issued by the end of February for the previous calendar year. All in-depth training programs are HST exempt.

What are the academic expectations for the training programs?

Tests are given to help students reinforce their learning and allow for effective monitoring of their progress. Exams are given in accordance with designation requirements and to verify students’ learning in a more formal setting. Tests, assignments and exams are based on classroom teachings and have practical components to them. All professional programs have case studies and practicum. Our instructors are always willing to give extra support when needed.

How established and reliable is the College?

Transformational Arts has been in business in Toronto for 31 years. Based on solid business principles we strive to be innovative and pioneering in implementing new ideas. Our instructors are professionals who are active in their field or private practice. They continuously bring new ideas to their teaching.

Do I need to have done all my Pre-/Co-requisites before I start the program?

No, you can take the required Pre-/Co-requisites prior to or throughout the duration of your training program. This also holds true for your personal therapy sessions.

What makes training at Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training different from other programs or schools?

At Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training, programs are based on a grounded, spiritual approach. Our professional training programs have a strong theoretical base, with an emphasis on experiential hands-on learning. Courses allow plenty of time for the individual to embark upon their own journey of spiritual development and emotional healing. It is Transformational Arts’ philosophy that one needs to do their own inner work before they can truly help others.

Our class sizes allow all instructors the time and space to interact with each student individually, supporting them in the best way possible. A wide range of student age, background, ethnicity and diversity adds to the learning experience by offering insights from experience with many different perspectives on the topics at hand. Transformational Arts cultivates a sense of spiritual community, a supportive environment for students and a place to call home for your spiritual development and growth.