President’s Message

A message from Gord Riddell, President

Gord Riddell

Gord Riddell

Welcome to Transformational Arts.

This calendar signals the start of a new year and it is also the start of our 4th decade. There is something about seeing the date 2020 that seems so futuristic. I am travelling into the future with the rest of me back in 1980 or earlier. True there was a very well-known news show called 20/20 but that wasn’t a date, I always assumed it was about perfect eyesight. Behind this reckoning of the date 2020, Transformational Arts brings to a close its 30th anniversary year and at 31 years another decade dawns.

During our 30th year, we renewed our lease at 3300 Yonge Street, where we have been located for 20 years. We have been renovating this year since we acquired additional space in the building. We take up most of the third floor including a newly renovated classroom of over 1,100 square feet. Our lending library sits outside the new classroom area and it continues to grow with ongoing donations from so many wonderful people. Thank you!

Last year we had built two counselling offices for students in training to conduct their client sessions on a pay as you go hourly rental. This was hugely successful as it provided a professional and safe environment without having to acquire office space while building a practise or doing sessions in their homes. I am pleased to announce we have doubled the available office spaces, to rent as needed, to 4 offices and a double office for those practitioners needing more space to do body work or somatic experiencing. Massage tables included. Open to any practitioner or student on a short term rental fee basis. Shane White will be able to assist with booking one of the 4 offices or the one double size space at extension 24.

We have joining our faculty, 2 new specialty instructors. We welcome Deb Maybury, author of the book “Unlock the Door”, she is concentrating in the area of childhood sex abuse. We welcome Dr. Jan Hill who holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and is a professor at York University. Jan brings extensive teaching and executive coaching skills to Transformational Arts.We extend a warm welcome to faculty and look forward to their contribution to the college.

There is one more Transformational Arts event which started on January 3, 2019 and that is our own Radio show. It is carried by VoiceAmerica Talk Radio on the Empowerment Channel. Every Thursday at 8 pm EST and 5 pm PST, my co-host Dr. Jan Hill and myself get to talk about, interview, even have call-ins about any subject we want that empowers, challenges or can change the world. The shows can be accessed 24/7 once they have aired on the Thursday, they are then archived for easy access. We hope you will have a listen to our show called “Things Worth Considering”.

Transformational Arts was founded in 1988 and continues its mandate to provide spiritually-based education that combines ancient wisdom with evidence-based cutting-edge research and technology. Continually, student feedback centres on the intrinsic value that the experiential components of our classes hold. They express how the in-class exercises expedites their understanding of concepts and it also allows them the opportunity to heal any of their own internal conflicts about their life.

In providing opportunities to experience, heal and nurture inner connections, students discover more about their connections to others and how they can best bring their unique individuality into their personal and professional relationships. At the core of our professional programs is one of the most important competencies, the concept called SEUS, the safe and effective use of self. The more knowledgeable any therapist is about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their inner and outer worlds, and how these traits present in a client session, the more likelihood of positive outcomes for the client and practitioner.

would be remise without saying THANK YOU for the commitment of the administrative staff and faculty in providing each student, in each section, a powerful educational experience. They are our strength and driving force. Linda Kuschnir, Managing Director, has been with us for almost 30 years and is found in administration, the classroom and counselling, she is a force unto herself. Maria Gallé, Pat Rigby, Aline Perez, Shane White, all have been working at the College for over a decade or more. At reception, Jada Hulley directs and redirects the flow of enquiries throughout the offices and just this year we have added two more part-time administrative people, Sarah Clarke and Sabastian Glass. The talent of our Graphic Artist and Communication Specialist, who designed this calendar, Trudy Agyeman, assisted by Jupiter Vaughan and his expertise in social media. These next two men, although specialist contractors, are very much part of the energy and commitment of Transformational Arts, our printer Lyle Green and our IT man, Jason Pyke. To you all I extend my heart felt gratitude and know you are contributing to making this world a better place. Thank You!

I am reflecting on the year 2020 again. This calendar will carry us over the threshold and on into the next decade of the 21st century. I am in the moment and moving forward within this wonderful learning environment like none other, you can continue to wait for just the right time, but perhaps now is your time to finally jump on board and journey with us right into 2020. A spiritual journey uniquely yours, but open to be shared!

Be Well and Live Well,

Gord Riddell, President