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Living Life at a Higher Vibration – Part I

“Living Life at a Higher Vibration – Part I”
Vitality June 2013 – Conscious Living
By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

As we are settling into the energies of the Great Awakening, more of us want to consistently live our lives in a higher vibration.  A lot of us have done much cleansing and purging so we can reside in a higher dimension of being.  A very popular theme amongst spiritual authors right now is choosing joy and practicing kindness.  I was blown away when I heard an interview with Oprah and reality TV producer/mogul, Mark Burnett that reality TV could be kind rather than humiliating. Mind you, his recent wife of 6 years is Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and they just finished producing the blockbuster TV series “The Bible”. Being kind and paying it forward are cool now versus going by the adage ‘nice guys finish last.’ ‘Bitch’ and drama queen are out and compassion and love are in, at least, in some circles. 

We have found that our students at Transformational Arts, having healed their past and inner child, are yearning for ways to live at a higher vibration.   To that end, this article provides tips for doing so.  One of the most important things to remember is that when we move from victimhood to empowerment we usually have choice about our emotional states and definitely about the attitudes and thoughts that we have. 

Love vs. Fear
The Course of Miracles states there are only two emotions – love vs. fear. When we are in fear we are coming from our negative ego.  When we are in a state of love we are connected to our soul and source. With awareness, we can choose love over fear. 

An acronym for FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.  If you are in fear, be kind and non-judgmental to yourself. Dialogue and send love to the part of you that is fearful. Our emotional states are good indicators of where our vibration is at.  We will drop in energy when we come from fear, shame, doubt or judgment.

Make gratitude a daily practice.  It is difficult to be worried and be grateful at the same time.  Gratitude begets hope and optimism and positively influences the law of attraction. When you do not have want you want in life, be grateful for what you do have in the present moment. This will start the flow of abundance. It is important not to go to lack or scarcity.

One of the most important prayers we can say to the universe is ‘Thank you.’ Always begin your day with something to be grateful for. End your day with a prayer of thanks sending a blessing of love and light to those in your life.

You can make joy a daily practice, too.  Journal about what brings you joy – usually it is the smaller things in life and being around people that you love.  Every day when you rise, hold the intention of doing a few things that bring you joy. 

Donald Atman’s book on “The Joy Compass” gives us 8 ways to experience more joy: Laughter, gratitude, forgiveness, music, meditation, affirmations, grounding in the here and now, and love and social connections.

Uplifting People
Be around people who uplift you and inspire you.  Love yourself enough to make this choice.  When this is not possible stay neutral and detached to people whose energy can be draining and dense.  Don’t get hooked by their drama and antics to engage you. If you are getting really triggered by them, do some self-reflection to find out the root cause. You can set boundaries for how long you will be in their company. By no means ever accept abuse.

You can surround yourself with the purple shield of Archangel Michael for protection when you around negative people. Send them light and love before an encounter. Then bless them and accept them for where they are at.

Colour, Crystals and Scents 
Colour is very important in raising your vibration.  The colours of the upper chakras such as green, turquoise, blue, indigo, purple and magenta help us to lift up.  When deciding what you wear every day, intuitively choose the colour that you need.

Crystals and scents also play a role. You can wear crystals or place them throughout your home. Organite crystals help to transform negative EMF energies and radiation from cell phones.   Place one by your computer.

Higher vibrational scents such as jasmine, neroli and lavender enhance our moods and are wonderful to use in meditation.  You can make hydrosol sprays from essential oils and water to clear your space and make it smell pleasant.

Sacred Space
Create sacred space in your home and garden.  Our home should be a place where our soul shows up and we can rejuvenate by surrounding ourselves with colours, textures, lighting, shapes and energy flow that make us feel good.  When you come home it is great to feel that you have created a sanctuary for yourself to relax and rejuvenate in. Decluttering also increases your vibration as energy can flow now and it cultivates inner clarity.

In your garden, choose flowers and their colours that you resonate with.  Add statues that are spiritually meaningful for you such as Buddha, St. Francis or Goddesses. Hang ornaments on your shrubs and trees that reflect light.  A water feature will attract singing birds, butterflies and little critters that are delightful to watch.

Develop a profound appreciation for beauty.   Everywhere you go find beauty by seeing the Divine in all.  When you walk around your neighbourhood see beauty in the smallest thing – a raindrop reflecting light on the petal of a flower.  Revel in the beauty of a flower and connect to its essence with a sense of wonderment and awe. Honour the divinity in nature, animals and your pets. See beauty in simplicity. 

Establish your reconnection to Source whenever it weakens.  An easy way to do this is to place your right hand on your heart and chant ‘ah.’ Your heart is the portal to you soul. ALL IS WELL is a powerful mantra to keep you in alignment.

As this topic is vast, stay tuned for more to follow.  Living from a higher vibration enhances your experience in life letting you reside in more heavenly and divine energy.