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2013: New Earth – New Era

2013: New Earth – New Era

Vitality – Conscious Living Feb. 2013

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak


The energies of the Great Awakening or Shift on Dec. 21, 2012 were of the highest vibration I have ever experienced!  A group of 75 kindred spirits meditated together at Transformational Arts to celebrate the birthing of the New Earth and Sacred Human.  So much love, joy, unity, peace, harmony in one room – it was glorious to bring such heavenly energies to Earth.  We anchored the essence qualities of the Sacred Human which help us navigate our way through the accelerated energies of the New Earth.  These templates are our compass for finding our way as we are experiencing higher frequencies than ever before due to the galactic alignment which continues through to 2016. The most important change of this turning is that we are moving into heart-based and unity consciousness and are becoming soul guided versus ego driven. Indeed, a great spiritual paradigm shift has occurred.


The Templates

When you meditate here are the key qualities of the Sacred Human that you can anchor to increase your vibration:

  • The I AM presence: God is within you and all are Divine
  • Staying connected to Source energy. Your mantra is “ALL IS WELL”
  • The Beloved: when you fall in love with yourself, accepting all aspects of yourself both light and dark.  Allow your Divine Feminine to merge with your Sacred Masculine.
  • Divine Connections: spiritual guidance is your birthright. You have access to many magnificent spiritual beings in higher dimensions to guide you.
  • Unity Consciousness: we are all interconnected and a feeling of oneness unifies us.  For us to integrate this, we must give up the sense that we are separate, isolated and lonely.
  • The Mystical Heart:  We honour, love and respect the divine in every living being, species and Mother Earth.
  • Beingness:  We live in the present moment and respect the “Power of Now.” (E. Tolle) We are not slaves to the process of thinking.
  • The Art of Co-creation: we manifest from soul not ego and are open to miracles in our life which we attract through gratitude
  • Infinite abundance and endless possibilities for all


Fifth Dimension

Since we live at a higher frequency now, we have more access to the fifth dimension even when we are not meditating. Love, joy, peace, harmony, gratitude, compassion, non-judgement are predominant emotional states of this dimension. Our perception, awareness and hearts become expanded. We are more telepathic, intuitive are often guided by our gifts of spirit and receive illumined insights.  We have more access to timeless universal wisdom and receive downloads on new spiritual concepts.  We can move out of linear time and can connect to eternal time. The fifth dimension is accessed through the upper heart chakra (thymus), the transpersonal chakra which is 12” above the crown chakra and living from the I AM presence. 


Acclimatizing to the Energies

The Mayan Elders say the energies will continue to accelerate and peak around 2015.  They say we will know when this happens and we will feel the energy in our everyday consciousness.  It takes us awhile to acclimatize to these higher energies just as it does to higher altitudes in the mountains. Along with this, there can be more cleansing of denser energies that no longer serve us. 

We uplift gradually and it does not happen overnight.  Some days we will be more expanded and other days will feel more contracted in density consciousness. We also have to sync up with higher vibrations that the earth is undergoing because of the galactic alignment.  We need to integrate these energies on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physcial and this takes time.

We may experience symptoms of spaciness, memory lapse or that we are ‘losing it’.  These feelings will come and go so don’t attach to these states. Sometimes, we will feel disoriented because we have never experienced such high energies.  Intense solar flares have also made us feel more emotional. 

When we fall back into density consciousness due to drama, fear, doubt, lack, judgement or resentment, etc. the fall is steeper and greater. It becomes more unpleasant than ever to reside here because we have disconnected from Source and the change in our vibration is more dramatic.  You can reconnect to Source by putting your hand on your heart, the portal to your soul, and chant the vocal sound ‘ah’.  Make the commitment now to live in the New Earth.  Don’t be a fence sitter as this just slows down the process making us more resistant.

For most of us, our new self has not fully emerged yet.  The butterfly has not come out of the chrysalis.  We often wonder ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Who am I becoming?’ When we do emerge, it will be magnificent and spectacular!


Straddling the Old World and New Earth

Make a choice to be with those who have a higher vibration as we will uplift each other.  This is not always possible due to family and workplace situations.  Here are some tips when you are dealing with people who are still of the Old World:

  • Don’t judge those who have ‘denser’ energies than you.  Everyone is at different levels of soul development.
  • Don’t engage in their drama and or ‘take the bait.’
  • Set appropriate boundaries.
  • Be more tolerant of their behaviour although never remain in an abusive situation.
  • Realize that they present you with an opportunity for patience, not losing your cool and being non-judgemental.
  • If you are triggered is there something in you that needs more healing?
  • Send their Higher Self white light and hold the intention of harmony before you meet.
  • Bless and accept them.
  • Use the purple shield of Archangel Michael to protect you from negative energies.
  • Don’t meet their vibration; take the high road.

This is a very exciting journey that we are on as we co-create the New Earth together!  It is a very special time for us to be alive not only for our own spiritual growth but for the contribution that we make for the planet’s evolution.  It will be wonderful when we fully emerge from the chrysalis as ‘beautiful butterflies’ that can soar to new heights.