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What is Pathology?

What is Pathology?

by Helena Ovens, N.D.


Pathology is the physical manifestation of a mental or emotional problem.

Pathology is a physical expression of our genetic inheritance.

Pathology is the body’s homeostatic response to environmental assaults.

Pathology is a gentle reminder or a terrifying awakening of our physical mortality. It is a doorway to the possibility of immortality.

Pathology is both a curse and a gift. It is an opportunity for personal growth, transformation and transcendence. It may be the stairway to heaven or the descent into hell.

Pathology is a journey, whose destination is uncertain, fraught with danger and decisions, recommendations and refusals, experiments and outcomes, none of which are guaranteed.

Pathology is all of this and so much more....


The human body is an amazing instrument. It is, for all intents and purposes, absolutely perfect. I was often astounded by the beauty I saw in my Anatomy classes. Physiology classes showed me how the structure I saw in Anatomy functioned. Perfect structure and perfect function make for perfect health.

In Pathology, we begin to understand the body’s reaction to damage done by a harmful agent also known as disease (or more aptly put, ‘dis-ease’). We understand the factors that contribute to the etiology (onset or causative factor), the progression and the manifestation of dis-ease.

By studying Patholgy, we can learn to more effectively interpret the signs and symptoms of disease which help us to choose an appropriate course of treatment. If we understand how dis-ease is created, we can understand how to support the inherent self-healing quality of the human body to facilitate a return to a state of health and harmony on all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And then we come to understand how to prevent disease (and its complications) by implementing positive lifestyles changes in the healthy. Understanding Pathology is an investment in your body for a healthy future.


Helena Ovens, N.D., F.C.A.H., C.C.H., is the Homeopathy and Pathology Instructor at Transformational Arts, a Doctor of Naturopathy and Homeopathic Specialist, and has been in full-time practice in the Toronto region since 1992. After graduating from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine, Helena took an additional 10 years of training in Classical Homeopathy.

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