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What is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy?

by Sandy Powell

We hear about it all the time and it is a familiar buzzword used in relation to dish soap and air freshener, but this cannot do any justice to such a wonderful healing art!

One of the best ways to describe Aromatherapy, is the enhancement of mind, body and spirit with the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils. Notice the term ‘essential oils’, not fragrances, perfumes or any other synthetic aroma! These are the pure life force extracts obtained from plants.

After nearly twenty years in the field, learning, teaching, practising and using these essential oils on a daily basis, I am still in awe of their power and ability to be used on all levels of healing and enhance my surroundings. They are a permanent integration within my life. My health and well being are the greatest beneficiaries.

In addition to being one of the oldest healing arts on this earth, Aromatherapy is regarded as one of the most pleasant as well. It is considered to be a holistic therapy, treating the whole person as opposed to focusing on separate areas of the body.

Since essential oils work on many different levels, they are open to be used not only by Aromatherapists, but many other practitioners as well, which makes Aromatherapy popular and versatile.

By simply holding a bottle of pure essential oil, you can feel its energy. Each one has a life force and vibrational rate that is unique.

Progress to opening the bottle where you will experience the emotional effects. Essential oils trigger the release of neuro-chemicals in the brain and unlock some of the mysteries around moods, memory recollection, suppression and enhancement.

This blends in with the spiritual aspect of their uses dating back to ancient times. The extensive use of oils in religious and spiritual ceremonies and rituals is well documented with many of the principles and uses applied in modern times. Today, essential oils are widely used in meditation and chakra balancing to name a few examples.

When blended with carriers, they can enter the body and have profound physical effects. Essential oils have a direct impact on physical functions in the body citing antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-microbic properties to name a few examples.

Some of the most common applications are baths, inhalations, massage and compresses. One of my greatest enjoyments is teaching students about these applications and how to replace their household and cosmetic products with natural botanical substances and ingredients. We also explore the fun of creating creams, lotions, ointments, scrubs, clays, masks, natural perfumes, custom air freshening and even pet care!

The purpose of the Standard Aromatherapy Course is to give you a solid foundation of learning, necessary tools and knowledge, along with effective blending, safe, practical applications to begin your own practise in Aromatherapy or to successfully integrate this therapy with other healing arts.

The Advanced Program is designed to allow for different avenues of Aromatherapy to be pursued.

The Clinical Stream is best suited for those wanting to further develop their practise and expand into more detailed uses of the essential oils on a therapeutic level.

The Product Manufacturing segment is perfect for students who wish to integrate the essential oils into specific products as a business or personal use. Learning to create your own creams, lotions, ointments etc. from scratch is not only fun, but empowering in that you can customize products and control the ingredients which you use on a daily basis.

The Psychoaromatherapy Program is well suited for students or professionals practising in areas of psychotherapy or emotional, spiritual counselling. This area of study can be picked up by other health care professionals, without prior Aromatherapy background or training.

Don’t miss out on learning about this unique and enjoyable therapy. There is something for everyone….

Sandy Powell
Director of Aromatherapy and Reflexology Programs
Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training