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Vibrational Arts and Energy Work

Vibrational Arts and Energy Work

by Richard Hastings

The aim of this 30-hour course in the Holistic Health Program is to bridge the personal with the transpersonal journey of healing that our students undertake. It reinforces the energetic links within the various modalities in this program. Students are also introduced into the esoteric/vibrational arts of light, sound, sacred geometry and crystals as it relates to harnessing universal energy in healing.

In the early 90s, I kept yearning for further training in energy work after completing my training in Shiatsu Therapy. I found myself on the west coast in California, Colorado, Washington and Vancouver attending trainings, workshops and conferences in this field.

My Shiatsu and dance training prepared me for this quantum leap into energy healing. I explored, experienced, and sensed a variety of healing systems. The next 10 years I would find myself teaching, inspiring and transmitting to students at Transformational Arts College fo Spiritual and Holistic Training this vibrant and dynamic field of energy healing.

Today, holistic health encompasses the creative arts, an idea whose time has come. Artists have always played a sacred and vital role in their communities. The hierophantic artist, however, uses creative activity to express new myths, new visions of the future and new understandings of personal and social upheavals.

It is this kind of artist that finds fertile ground in a place like Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. We attract students who have spent considerable time on a spiritual quest or healing journey. “Hierophantic art is a revelation of sacred power that is expressed thru symbols, imagery and ideas deriving from inspired states of consciousness and revealing artistic, scientific, moral and interpersonal responses to historical crisis.” A tall order to fulfill one might think, until you listen to our holistic graduates…

“Transformational Arts gives me the opportunity to feel the presence of ‘divine shakti’ energy. There are many incidents in my class with you that I felt this particular energy.”

“I learned something each class both on a spiritual plane and a practical level.”

“I found my connection to have deepened as well as my willingness to trust myself and the universe.”

“I feel that not just my work has been enhanced, but my life in general as well.”

“It was truly spiritual healing…I feel positively connected to the collective.”

“I’ve been given the opportunity to embrace my multidimensionality.”

We endeavour to activate this passion for the possible in our students. The future of healing rests in the minds, hearts and souls of these students, my role is to keep the dream alive.

Inhale the future and exhale the past. Step into the eternal now!



Richard Hastings, Dip S.T., has a private Shiatsu practice in Toronto, works as a Social Worker in the Rehab field, is involved in the Flamenco Dance community and travels regularly to the west coast to his second home on Salt Spring Island where he gives occasional workshops. To book an appointment with Richard through his private practice, call 416-539-9658 or e-mail

Richard Hastings teaches Vibrational Arts and Energy Work at Transformational Arts.