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Presence of Our Essence through Our Higher Self

Presence of Our Essence through Our Higher Self

by Pauline O'Hanlon

Why is it that most of us look to outside authorities when we have questions or concerns? In this technological, fast paced society there are always new experts and the latest knowledge to be given and received. From a spiritual perspective, a very different paradigm is available, a unique inner brilliance is provided for each of us. This inner guidance system is called your “Higher Self.”

The Higher Self has a deep-level understanding and perspective of all questions and concerns and looks upon them as an opportunity for growth. Soul growth and transformation is presented in opportunities. The Higher Self is able to observe and see our fragmentation and wholeness simultaneously because it is the totality of all our selves-Past, Present and Future.

The Higher Self provides opportunities for the human self to loosen attachment and allows cosmic consciousness to slip into your essence. When this transformation occurs the voice of universal mind becomes present. Imagine deciding to come to this world of duality (opportunity) that Pure Being planned to promote soul learning without a guide system?

Divinity being pure love, allowed our Higher Self to accompany and guide us on our journey. We have to ask for wisdom to be revealed because Source will NEVER transcend our free will. This connection to divinity, a bridge between heaven and earth, has a mission to bring you closer to Source. You are always connected to your Higher Self but now the choice is to “consciously” connect to this divine awareness.

Going within is a term connected to all spiritual practices and it is in that sacred place within that our Higher Self dwells. Through mediation, journaling, dreams and using intuitive check-ins one can access the ancient wisdom of the soul and the voice of cosmic consciousness, to gain clarity on any issue. There is nothing to learn because we are all beings of Source; timeless answers and ancient wisdom is within all of us.

To connect to this state of being that allows your Higher Self to be heard you need to stop, sit down, be still and pay attention. It is in stillness that Spirit dwells. In this place the soft and subtle voice of the Higher Self can be heard and connection to the divine occurs.

hat is needed is quiet practice to refine the ability to receive communication, refine the clarity of the message, and to provide a receptive space.


  1. A quiet place is required. Prepare by connecting with your energy chakras.
  2. Take a number of deep breaths and relax.
  3. Imagine a bright cord of light extending from your crown chakra connecting directly to your Higher Self. (Your Higher Self is located above you.)
  4. Make similar connections, using the cord imagery, with your third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.
  5. When you feel all parts of you are connected, ASK to receive and hear the guidance and wisdom delivered from your Higher Self. You can ask your question at this time.
  6. Be open to receive whatever comes through.

Information can come in many forms: a still voice, vivid images, pictures, flashes of insight, feelings, dreams, intuition and knowingness. The senses are involved and individuals can see, hear or feel the guidance.

Your unique inner brilliance waits residing within your Higher Self so that the totality of who you can be fully expressed. As Nelson Mandela and Marianne Williamson expressed, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Allow your power to have full expression by going within and accessing the pure being of your Higher Self. This is the celestial expression of your “I am” presence and essence.


Pauline O’Hanlon is Spiritual Psychotherapist and TA for the Discovering the Total Self program