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Medical Intuition: A Tool for Empowerment

Medical Intuition:  A Tool for Empowerment

by Cheryl Murton

When something is amiss with our health it can be quite overwhelming. Surrounded by doctors, nurses, tests and diagnoses, we may be receiving an incredible amount of information, in a short period of time about our current state of physical health. Often the stress of being a ‘patient’ and coping with new information can leave us feeling confused, depressed, frustrated and disempowered.

One aspect of health that is often overlooked or dismissed as irrelevant is the intimate and dynamic relationship between our thoughts and emotions and their impact on our physical health. The effects of the mind and emotions on the body can be easily demonstrated. When we are anxious or nervous for example, the body responds with an upset stomach or headache. Similarly, stress can lead to sleeplessness, ulcers and even heart attacks.

Medical Intuition is a tool that can give us insight into the relationship between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. As the name implies, Medical Intuition is both a science and an energetic art-form that helps us understand the possible psychospiritual influences behind our symptoms, disease or illness. Since thoughts and emotions are comprised of energy, they have a direct effect on the body, therefore, Medical Intuition acknowledges that we are not only physical beings, but we are also energetic beings. When we are in a state of energetically ‘negative’ emotions and thoughts such as fear, anger and frustration, our body responds with pain, low energy, illness and other ‘negative’ symptoms. The body acts as a messenger, communicating to us that something in our lives is out of balance. As Mona Lisa Schultz, MD and Medical Intuitive states, “Your symptoms are your friend; they show you what parts of your life you need to change.”

Medical Intuition is a blending of medical science, intuition and esoteric and energetic healing practices. Practitioners have a strong knowledge of human physical anatomy and the ‘language or symbolism of symptoms’, as well as human energetic anatomy including the aura and the chakra system. The role of the Medical Intuitive is to energetically ‘see’ and intuit that which is out of balance and its effects on the physical body. For true healing to occur, it is not only the physical body that must find balance, but the mind and emotions must also find a place of balance. Medical Intuition can help us to identify our imbalances, and thereby, help us to develop a transformative treatment plan for healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. When working with a Medical Intuitive we gain valuable insights about ourselves, empowering us to take an active role in our own healing journey.

Anyone can develop the art of Medical Intuition because we are all born with the gift of being intuitive. You can further develop your intuitive abilities through meditation and practice. In addition, by studying human anatomy and learning how to decode its symbolism and gaining an intimate knowledge of the chakra system, you will be well on your way to empowering yourself and others to create a life of health and wellness.


Cheryl Murton, C.A.H.T, C.N.H.P, Reiki Master, teaches classes in Medical Intuition, Guided Imagery and Prayer and Subtle Aromatherapy in the Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program at Transformational Arts. Through her experiences as an Energy Practitioner and a Medical Laboratory Technologist, Cheryl strives to facilitate the balancing of spirituality with science.