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Maximize Your Greatness with Coaching

Maximize Your Greatness with Coaching

By Chris Johnson

Sitting down with a Coach is saying yes to positive change. Enlisting a Coach’s help may be the first step toward living the life you want to live. Even a small change can reap dramatic results. Aligning oneself with success and achievement always feels good. When we feel good we are more productive and confident, approaching our lives with enthusiasm.

We each have untapped resources and potential energy--- talents, education, network of friends and family, time, drive and spirit. One of the Coaches’ jobs is to discover your strengths and capitalize on these strong points while minimizing any limitations you may have, negative beliefs, blocks, issues,”What is stopping you from getting what you want?”

Coaching is active and dynamic focusing on the present and near future. The momentum builds and the direction is forward. Stepping into the past can educate and remind the client of times of self-sabotage or fears that impede their progress but the past is not where coaching lives. Firmly rooted in the Now, with step-by-step plans in place and the goal in sight, the vision one works toward becomes a reality.

Any expectations of the Coach doing all the work for the client will disappear after one session. The reason clients are successful is because they have done the work of believing in themselves, facing challenges and overcoming blocks, while accepting guidance and instruction from the Coach.

I often hear from clients that they are surprised with how much they learn about themselves through the Coaching process. One key element to ensure results is being honest and realistic with oneself. Go ‘Big’ but measure your ‘greatness’ in smaller steps, one at a time and before you know it you’ve reached your goal.

There is a certain freedom in the process as face-to-face meetings with your Coach can also include: email or phone sessions and coaching groups, virtual or live. Depending on one’s goal the sessions can be close together or spread out over a period of six months or a year. You may meet with your Coach a couple of times in the first few weeks and because we are working with a goal oriented process, monthly after that with mini check-ins to address any problems.

Empowerment comes from changing outdated thoughts and behaviors, taking responsibility for our lives and embodying the successful person we already are.
If you can get there on your own you don’t need a Coach, however if there are areas in your life where you are stuck and you want to ‘max out’ your potential, enlist a Coaches’ help.


Chris Johnson is a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Life Coach and is the main facilitator for the College’s Coaching Practitioner Training Program which starts Wed. Sept. 22, 2010.