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Introduction to Pathology

Introduction to Pathology

by Helena Ovens

Who would have ever thought that I would end up loving Pathology. It was the furthest thought from my mind, but I have come to have a great respect for the knowledge that I have acquired as the Pathology Instructor at T.A.C.

What is Pathology? It is the study of “dis-ease”. I make a point of hyphenating the word dis-ease because it implies what Pathology truly represents … an imbalance in the body’s attempt and ability to heal itself. For this miraculous body that we call our own has inherent self-healing properties. Given the right set of circumstances, we can avoid the four major diseases that plague our society; namely, heart disease (and stroke), diabetes mellitus, arthritis and cancer. These diseases can be genetically driven, but for the most part manifest when we make the wrong lifestyle choices over and over again. Just because we have the gene doesn’t mean we have to express it.

When a pathological process shows up on a lab report, an ultrasound or x-ray, the Medical Doctors kick into high gear with the tools of their trade; namely, pharmaceutical intervention or surgery. Liver function tests do not show function, they show dead liver cells circulating in the blood stream. Kidney function tests do not show function as they only become positive once kidney function is less than 50% (meaning that one kidney has basically shut down). Pathology is an end stage process.

TRUE Function, however, shows a gradual decline. We can have 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, and 50% function and show a normal lab test. Once we get below a certain point, pathology is now present.

Naturopathic Medicine’s most important Principle is PREVENTION. Better to make lifestyle choices that will prevent the Pathology in the first place. For example, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 generally occurs in the overweight population. If diet and exercise habits are altered, DM patients often no longer need their medication. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to do the diet and exercise part FIRST, so that the problem would never occur? I think so.

Understanding how things can go wrong in a body is a way to understand how to prevent the problem in the first place. Prevention is our healthiest choice. Wouldn’t we wish to choose a healthy heart, a healthy pancreas, healthy joints, and a body free of cancer?

Good health is our birthright. Knowledge is the key to maintaining this birthright. A good understanding of Pathology can inspire you to work towards Prevention. By all means, stimulate your immune system. Your body will love you for it.