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Global Spirituality

Global Spirituality

by Joanne Morgan


Our world today is indeed a global village that exudes a rich mosaic of life. As our conscious awareness of the interconnectedness of who we are brings forth a new way of being, we are invited into the Oneness of a Global Spirituality that is inclusive and honouring of many paths. This awareness truly opens us up to the energy of spiritual freedom. In this way our spirituality grows with us on our life journey. The acceptance of our evolution as spiritual beings on a human journey does not have to involve rejection of one’s faith tradition. Rather, our spirituality can be enriched as we tap into the world’s spiritual traditions, drawing from them what speaks to us and allowing Spirit to guide us.

It is like being at a delightful buffet and having access to a myriad of exquisite foods - I will select according to my tastes, experiences and what I am drawn to. So too, our spiritual hunger for what will nourish and nurture us is different for each one of us. Our awareness has moved us beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of spirituality. It invites us from an old energy of ‘better than’, to an energy of honouring differences among us. Our spiritual longing calls to us from the depths of our being, drawing us into the fullness of mystery. It is greater than any one person, place or thing. It is ‘ever ancient and ever new’.

As we come to understand and embrace the mind-body-spirit connection, our spirituality enriches our everyday living and draws us into a holistic response to life. Our own global village/spirituality lives within me and within you. It is there we can learn how to be in this world as we address and learn our soul’s lessons which life presents to us. The energy of oneness calls forth a new way of being mindfully present in our everydayness. In this way we can embody our response to life in thoughts, words and actions and know how they contribute to the harmony and well-being of our earth community. Many years ago I was on a retreat and there was a simple yet powerful reflection we were invited to be with which I have never forgotten. It said: Are people better off for having met you today or not? Have you been good news for others or not? If the answer was no, then the question followed: What is the learning and where are you being invited to grow? This simple reflection has been a powerful catalyst for me over the years to really embody the global sense of ‘who’ I am in this global village and to take responsibility for the many opportunities offered to me to choose a life fully lived. This requires of us to truly face our shadow, embrace our gifts and live our light. It will require of us decisions that we need to make and will take us beyond our comfort zone.

Our sense of ‘who’ we are in the context of a Global spirituality will invite us to come home, back to our Essence and re-discover there, again and again, who we truly are and not who other people say we are or need to be. As each of us honours our own journey we contribute to the health and well being of an alive and dynamic spiritual life for this planet.
I would like to conclude with excerpts from a prayer that speaks to me of our oneness as a sacred global spiritual community.

‘O Blessed Source...
Let us inhale your Divine Spirit and be inspired.
Transform us into your Love,
And let us radiate that Love to all others.
Dissolve our limited way of being
Elevate us into your Divine Life.
Give us your capacity to share that Life with everyone.
Shape us in your wisdom.
Let us become Divine Wisdom, sensitivity, laughter and joy for all beings.
Let us realize fully that we are members
Of this Sacred Community with all humankind,
With other species, with nature and the entire Cosmos.
Grant us a heart that can embrace them all in You.’

(Excerpts from a Prayer for the Sacred Community by Br. Wayne Teasdale)


Joanne Morgan, R.I.H.R., is a facilitator for the Total Self, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director and Holistic Programs at Transformational Arts. She is a member of an International Missionary Congregation and has many years experience in the field of education as well as Spiritual and Retreat Direction.

As both a graduate and facilitator of the Spiritual Director Program, Joanne brings her special blend of experience to this unique program which helps others to become effective guides and mentors for others on the path to ever-evolving spirituality. The course looks deeply into different belief systems including the five major world religions, mystical, esoteric and earth-based traditions, as well as the concept of being a “modern mystic”. Sacred ritual and ceremony is experienced creatively through sound, music, movement and dance and a sensitive and in-depth exploration of the art of transformation and conscious dying is undertaken. Transformational Arts' Spiritual Director Training Program begins in September and runs Wednesday evenings through to June. Spaces are filling quickly so for more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Linda Kushnir at 416-484-0454, ext. 23.