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Energy Psychotherapy

Energy Psychotherapy

by Michelle Doucette

Muscle testing and the power of words are an integral part of the energy psychotherapy I practise, teach and write about today. In Caroline Myss’s September 2007 newsletter I quote, “Silence is the beginning point of your interior life. It draws you inward and engages you with your thoughts and even with the words you use. On a more profound level, to become aware of the content of your thoughts and your choices of words is the beginning of becoming aware of the power that is contained in each word that you use.”

In David Hawkins’s, M.D., Ph.D., book, Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, I quote, “When I first encountered kinesiology, I was instantly amazed by the potential I saw. It was the ‘wormhole’ between universes – the physical, and the mind and spirit – an interface between dimensions. In a world full of sleepers lost from their source, here was a tool to recover that lost connection with the higher reality and demonstrate it for all to see.”In his book, Dr. Hawkins reveals how he used muscle testing to identify an energy toxin. The muscles of those participants who held artificial sweeteners went weak. The muscles of those who held Vitamin C stayed strong.

Nancy Gnecco, M.Ed., LPC, LSW writes, “Muscle testing, sometimes called ‘applied kinesiology’, is a way of communicating with the body in order to find one’s deepest truth. Sometimes our conscious mind and our subconscious mind are not in agreement with each other. Regardless of what the conscious mind tells us, muscle testing will reveal the deepest truth of the body, for truth will strengthen a muscle, and that which is not truth will weaken it.”

In energy psychotherapy we use the power of the client’s words to construct the energetic constellation of their trauma/stressor/pattern and clear it through their chakra system. When I reflect on what Carolyn Myss says about words, I think about the words clients use to express their traumas, for example, “All the times and ways I was teased and rejected at school” or “All the terror I felt when they said I had uterine cancer.” These words have an energetic constellation that invoke feelings and thoughts. As we know, thought is energy. Emotion is energy. Our bodies are energy. We are energy. We are energetic beings that are constantly changing in relationship with all other energetic constellations, such as our souls, cells, organs, other people, the earth, moon and planets.

Like Mother Earth with her pathways of rivers, energy grids and energy centres, we have energy pathways called meridians that feed our organs and energy centres called chakras. The flow of energy in these pathways and centres can get congested, like a log jam in a river, with the energetic constellation of stressors and/or traumas. Since thought and emotion are energy, we can understand how suppressed emotions and negative thoughts, along with energy toxins, block the natural flow of energy. This blocked energy weakens the client’s energy body and prevents a shift in the client’s behavioural patterns, and over time, if not corrected, can turn into the physical manifestation of illness. As Dr. Richard Gerber has written in his book, Vibrational Medicine, the energy body is the blueprint for the physical body. When we heal the energy body, the physical body can respond accordingly. Our physical body can be a wonderful barometer that guides us in healing our emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.

Energy psychotherapy introduced me to a new paradigm for Energy Medicine. With muscle testing, within minutes, the client’s resistance to healing can be identified and cleared. For example, when you ask a client to say, “I give permission for my body, mind and spirit to be healed” and muscle test them on these words, some clients have a ‘no’ response, meaning their muscles go weak. Unless permission to be healed is given by all parts of the client, our work can be in vain. This resistance can stem from negative beliefs buried in the subconscious, such as: “I don’t deserve to be healed; I don’t want to heal; I will loose my identity if I am healed; It’s not safe to be healed,” etc. I have also seen where the presence of a wounded archetype will prevent healing to occur. When it is safe, the archetype is met, dialogue begins and these parts are included in the healing.

Energy toxins can be anything that weakens the energy body. For example, if a parent is constantly yelling at a child at the dinner table, the child can have a metabolic error when trying to digest their food, and consequently develop a sensitivity to milk, wheat and tomatoes. With muscle testing these sensitivities can be identified and cleared at the same time the trauma is cleared, for example, “All the times and ways my dad screamed at me and humiliated me at the dinner table”. With muscle testing one can confirm accuracy of the right words, intensity of the pain/ emotion, and how strong it is out of 10; 10 being high, (disassociative clients may think it is a 2 when it is a 10). As Dr. Hawkins says, kinesiology is the worm hole between other dimensions that we are in relationship with. Energy psychotherapy gives us quick access to other dimensions that need to be included if the whole being is to be energetically healed.

After a session using energy psychotherapy clients report feeling lighter, more relaxed, with a movement of energy, a better understanding of themselves and are more aware. In this healing process the clients clear their own chakras, empowering them to use the technique on their own when they need to. As we know, the client’s presenting issue may require the clearing of many traumas and negative beliefs, as associated aspects of the trauma begin to reveal themselves.

I am humbled by my 20 years of practice in the healing arts, as the complexities of being a human reveal themselves.


Michelle Doucette teaches the Introduction to Energy Psychotherapy course at Transformational Arts. Learn the energy psychotherapy techniques of using muscle testing, trauma sentences, self muscle testing and pendulum work to clear traumas, stressors and energy toxins while including archetypes when necessary. Michelle Doucette also teaches Shiatsu Basics and Ethics in the Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program at Transformational Arts. She maintains a private practice where she integrates Energy Psychotherapy with Shiatsu and Psycho-Spiritual