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Discovering the Total Self: the Emerging Sacred Human

Discovering the Total Self:  The Emerging Sacred Human

by Joanne Morgan

As both a student and instructor at Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training, I have experienced the Total Self Program like a great kaleidoscope bursting with colour, vibrant energy, wisdom and learnings. Each Module of the Total Self Program is like a different lens through which to see the world. Looking through these different lenses I can discover who I really am in relationship with my own essence, others, the world, and the planet. In knowing the truth that I am a sacred human, I discover who I am and what I am here to be and do for the highest good of all. I would like to share some of my reflections on one lens of this Total Self Program with you.

Module #1: The Mystical Path of the Chakras

As I re-visit the material in this Module each time I teach it, I have become aware of the invitation it presents to embody the knowledge of our spiritual journey. In this way it becomes part of our living and breathing awareness to help us live more in the ‘now’. To live from an awake place is indeed a daily challenge and this Module provides us with tools to help us with our everyday living. This Module captures the energy of a favourite motto of mine, 'Carpe Diem, Seize the Day'!

Understanding and drawing on the gift of our chakra system opens us up to see the many ways we can ground, be present and meditate and in so doing learn to be centred no matter what is going on in our lives. I have learned this takes time and practice and lots of patience with self. We can use our chakra system to help us work through our own psychospiritual issues and blocks that prevent our energy from flowing as it is meant to. This requires of us to do our own inner work which takes courage. Yes, it is not easy at times and yes it is so worth it. We become conscious of the ways we both empower and disempower ourselves. Then we are able to come from a place of choice and with intention and realign our energy again to our source. As Doreen Virtue says so beautifully: 'As we heal ourselves, so do we heal our world.'

I have seen the transformation that takes place within students as they take this eight-week journey as a group. The insights, discoveries in the various sharings are truly synchronistic and empowering. I come away from each class grateful for the sacred transformation I witness time and time again. The more I teach this Module the more I am transformed by it. There are days that I do not see or feel this transformation in my own life and it is on these days especially I invite myself to remember to ask the noble questions: What is the learning here? Or how is this (feeling, experience) teaching me right now? If I choose to be awake I always receive the answer which in turn helps me to walk my talk. One of Wayne Dyer’s favourite Chinese proverbs sums up the practicality of this Module for me:

"I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand."

This Module is an invitation to embrace healing and embody our Modern Mystic.

By Joanne Morgan