Inspirational Articles



by Monique Henchey

I love this journey that I am on

And even though there is pain

I soar to depths that many people may never choose to reach

And with that comes a richness

A velvety texture

That weaves itself into my life

Giving me more perspective

An appreciation for the human condition

And all of its colourful complexities

Its twists and turns

The ups and downs

I am the weaver of a more meaningful life

And with each stitch I heal

The warmer I become

The more enwrapped am I

In the sweater of self love

I will continue to dive deep

To retrieve that pearl

At the bottom of the ocean

And re-claim it as mine

It is mine

But was merely lost by the battered sands of time

But never misplaced forever

As my heart knew it was still there

And merely needed a beam of light

To point to its location

No more fists of anger or protection

Merely loving waters

Gently unfolding the petals

Allowing me to relax

To find the pearl embedded deep within

And so I continue on this wonderfully complex journey

Never knowing what resides around the corner

Yet being okay

As that is the definition of adventure

Of being alive

Of going with it

With only my heart as a guide

And my soul as the light that blazes the trail

Won’t you join me on this exhilarating ride

To the depths of your being?