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Tsunami - A Global Shift

Tsunami - A Global Shift

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

On Boxing Day, we awoke from a Christmas slumber to one of the most tumultuous, catastrophic natural disasters of recorded history. As the days unfolded and the death toll rose on an hourly basis, it was almost an event of Biblical proportions perhaps reminiscent of the Great Flood or the myth of Atlantis. From such great catastrophe and death and from so much sorrow and grief, great transformation and healing, however, continues to emerge.

From a higher perspective, every tragedy and crisis has its gifts and miracles. The Chinese meaning of crisis is danger and opportunity. The gift that Tsunami brings us is the Birthing of a New Humanity that is loving, caring, compassionate and sharing instead of coming from greed, fear, prejudice and hate. Never before have we seen such an outpouring of love and giving on our planet. We did not seem "to get" the spiritual significance of 9/11. It just led to more divisiveness and war on the planet.

We hope to believe we are getting the deeper meaning of the Tsunami by its jarring upheaval. This article explores some of our reflections and wise lessons that the Tsunami has taught us: how this wave of disaster has been transformed into a wave of compassion, unity and evolution for humankind. How it has shifted consciousness globally. It is not meant to marginalize the huge loss, devastation and sorrow of the catastrophe but to look at it as a global teacher.

One World - Global Village

When one can donate money at the local beer store for a crisis on the other side of the planet we know we have become One World and One People. We are all interconnected. When these words emerge from the mouths of Canadian politicians such as Paul Martin and Adrienne Clarkson we know the concept of the Global Village is a mainstream reality and hopefully here to stay.

It probably took a natural disaster of this kind - a non-political event where we could not blame one side or the other in order to transcend religious and ethic differences. The consciousness of Mother Nature, indeed, can work in strange ways.

Gaia - Living Oraganism

In many spiritual and environmental circles, our planet Earth is regarded as a living, breathing organism, a being that has consciousness and hence named after the Greek Goddess Gaia. Since humans are part of nature and Mother Earth she, too, is a catalyst for our transformation and evolution. As a metaphor, was the turbulence in our collective soul, reflected in the turbulence of this natural disaster?

In esoteric and indigenous circles, it is believed that Mother Earth will purge negativity from the planet when it becomes too intense. This is not out of a punishment but rather a cleansing and balancing by the Elemental Kingdom. It is an interesting observation - not judgment - that the areas purged were also countries where there is a lot of civil war, terrorist activities, government corruption, poverty, environmental violation and abuse of women and children. Perhaps with the deluge of love and sharing (money and aid) coming to these countries, they will have the opportunity to transform to higher ideals just as the world is through this calamity.

Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine

A strong Divine Feminine energy of love and compassion has definitely come forth from this event. This energy has been sleeping for many years on our planet given the rise of the patriarchal society eons ago. We would have to say this concept has also become mainstream given the popularity of such books at the "Da Vinci Code." This does not mean to ignore masculine energy. Both polarities need to be balanced. The Divine Masculine was the part of us that took action in a loving way. It will be the part of us that keeps proactive to bring about and sustain world change and unity.

Astrological Influences

This is interesting to look at. Just before the earthquake struck, Mars (violent action) moved from Scorpio (intensity) to Sagittarius (explosion.) From a bigger perspective, the astrologers said the Venus - Sun transit that occurred in June (Divine Feminine) would be followed by a huge leap in global communication, cooperation and compassion. The planet is in a mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune until 2011. Uranus brings us a sudden upheaval in consciousness while Neptune brings the sea and compassion.

Earth's Axis

The 9.0 magnitude of the earthquake wobbled the earth's axis by 2.5 cm and sped up our rotation by 3 microseconds or 3 millionths of a second per day. While this sounds insignificant it is not from a quantum perspective. At this level, "when a butterfly flaps its wings, the whole universe shudders." The result is that the days will be shorter as time continues to speed up. Simultaneously, scientist Gregg Braden notes that the earth's vibration has been increasing steadily since 1987 and will reach 13 hertz by 2012. Is this event now an aspect of the Mayan Prophecy (2012) in which the earth's precession is a factor, due to its tilt of 23 and degrees? Is it part of our vibration accelerating and consciousness evolving?

Value of Life

This event took place in our part of the world on Christmas Day. It has helped many to appreciate and give gratitude for our quality of life, abundance and prosperity in Canada. Since it struck during the Christmas season, we seemed to naturally go into a state of Christ consciousness or that of compassion and giving. Don't you think giving to charity is one of the best Christmas gifts that we can give?

An Emerging New God

In listening to many TV and radio programs most people did not go to "If God was good, how could he do this to us? Or he is punishing us for our sins?" Instead, people connected to the "God within" by responding in a God-like way to humanity through kindness, love and sharing of resources. We are co-creators with the Divine.

Being of Service

While most of us can't leave our jobs to help with relief operations we can "be of service" through our prayers, donations and holding the energy of love, unity and compassion that has been downloaded to us from this crisis. We must continually hold this love and peace on the inside first, and then give it outwardly to sustain this energy from our hearts.

  • Continue to hold prayer and meditation circles sending energies of love and light. Be peace.
  • Give what you can on a regular basis to charities. Remember giving begets abundance. Volunteer for charities.
  • Don't forget the other catastrophes that happen in the world on a regular basis such as AIDS. Also, 29,000 die every day due to malnutrition.
  • Advocate for the UN which has also been rebirthed due to this tragedy.
  • Connect to your MP so that Canada continues to give revenue to countries in need.Did you know that if all the industrialized countries just give 5% of the GNP for 20 years, all poverty on the planet would be eradicated?
  • Be stewards of the environment.

Every crisis gives way to opportunities. We are proud as Canadians and global citizens that we have stepped up to the plate - LET'S SUSTAIN THIS. In 2005, may this be your motto "Be kind, nice, compassionate and giving. Let us be love, unity, harmony and peace."