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The Understated Importance of Grounding

The Understated Importance of Grounding 

Conscious Living Column

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak 


In the November issue of the College’s newsletter, Gord wrote about the increasing vibrational rate of energies occurring for a number of years leading up to an accelerated increase throughout 2012. This article will explore a crucial tool to learn and to use when working with energy, whether it is yours, another person, a group or the universe, our need to learn how to ground excess or unwanted energy is crucial. We usually think of the human body as a singular, multi-organ vehicle getting us around and through life. We are though, so much more intricate. We are a woven energy field of interconnecting vibrations uniting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies together in a  complex dance, combining not only our elements together in our body but linking them to others’ energy bodies, to the earth and universal energies.

Increasingly, many people have had difficulties with feeling dizzy, disconnected as though having a partial out of body experience, feeling like they are going crazy or just staying grounded. Even some of the most grounded people I know, have felt all this energy building up and creating a pressure in their heads.  Concentration and focus at times can be next to impossible. The good news is, you are absolutely not alone in any of your experiences. Many people are hesitant to say anything about feeling disconnected, dizzy or going crazy for fear of what others may think, resulting in a lot of people feeling stressed by the experiences they are having and no one talking is about it. Adjusting to this newly increased vibrational level can be problematic until such time as all the energy bodies that we are made up of also reach a compatible vibratory rate. Changes at the spiritual and intellectual bodies will create imbalances in the physical and emotional bodies, or any combination of changes possible. If we focus on raising just our spiritual body without giving attention to our physical and emotional selves then we begin to create uneven vibrational rates of energy, often called a spiritual bypass, which can lead anywhere from that sense of disconnectedness from self through to actual illness.


The complexity of the human energy bodies requires us to keep all of them interacting in some sort of harmony. The one profoundly simple tool is the act of grounding. By ensuring we know how to ground all of our energies to the earth energies, we can keep any overabundance in one area from becoming too strong and affecting our other energy bodies. Learning about grounding and especially practising it, not just daily, but many times throughout the day, you will find that the ability to move through your day will be much more enhanced, clearer and easier. There are 2 ways of grounding but doing both, when possible, is ideal.


One way of grounding is done through a meditative exercise, while the other way is purely physical and is being scientifically studied. It is referred to as, Earthing. Meditative grounding is easy and can be done anywhere, at any time you are in a position to safely sit quietly for a few minute with closed eyes. It can be done at home or work, even sitting on the toilet; anywhere you are not likely to be interrupted. It takes as little as 3 to 4 minutes, a few times a day to teach yourself to stay grounded.

Meditative Grounding Technique 

This only requires you to sit quietly, in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes.
  2. Take in a couple of nice deep breaths allow yourself to relax.
  3. Imagine that there is a hollow rod attaching each foot to the earth.
  4. Now imagine a hallow rod coming from the base of your spine and attaching to the earth. See the three rods from your feet and spine going deep into the earth.
  5. Beginning at the top of your head, feel or see a brilliant white (or gold) light coming in at the crown. This light begins to travel through your head, down into your throat and into your upper body. This light is gathering and directing any and all energies needing to be moved through and out of your body.
  6. Allow the light to go down your arms and emanate from your hands; all the while allowing the light to fill your chest, down through your abdominal area, then down your legs to your feet.
  7. Now let the light pass through your feet and your spine into the hallow tubes going deep into the earth.
  8. Allow the energy to flow continuously in at the top of your head, moving throughout your body, and out through the hallow tubes connecting you to the Earth.
  9. When you are ready, close off the energy coming in at your crown continuing to move any energy from your body down and out through the rods into the earth. Allow the energy to flow down, feeling yourself connecting to the Earth. Any pressure you felt from excess energy has dissipated, leaving you with a sense of calm and connectedness throughout your body.


Earthing is the simplest, health enhancing, no thinking involved technique requiring only that you take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Not just barefoot anywhere but in the sand, on the grass or along the beach, it does not get any simpler than that. Given the Canadian climate this technique locally is seasonal, but it also provides a perfect reason to head to the warm sand beaches in the south during our rather chilly winters. Now before you dismiss this practice as a bit too hippie-dippy, know that at least a dozen scientific papers have been published demonstrating the mechanics and measurable physical effects of grounding. When you're grounded there's a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man.