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The Shadow and Light of Transformation

The Shadow and Light of Transformation

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

Since the inception of the 21st Century, it would appear that the planet is experiencing more chaos, darkness and mayhem than ever. During these turbulent times, our seeker becomes desperately active to find answers that provide some semblance of order in understanding current chaotic, global conditions.

We ask ourselves, have we regressed backwards in our evolution? Are we spiraling downward into darkness? Or on the other hand, are we actually transforming more than ever. Are we holding more light with all the consciousness raising going on? And are we evolving as a spiritual species? This article will attempt to answer these large existential questions in respect to the nature of transformation, cosmological influences and the impact of consciousness raising for peace.

The Speed of Transformation

First of all, if you ever get the feeling that things have sped up and change is accelerated you are right. Futurist Ray Kurzweil states, "The pace of change itself is accelerating and the last 20 years is not a good guide to the next 20 years. We are doubling the paradigm shift rate, the rate of progress, every decade. The 20th Century was like 25 years of change at today's rate and in the next 25 years, we will make four times the progress you saw in the 20th Century."

What then, ultimately drives the nature and speed of change and transformation? Yasuhiko Kimura, a philosopher of change, says, "It is the very nature of the universe itself. There is an evolutionary thrust for optimization inherent in the universe." The more we are tuned into this, the more thrust we have for evolution whether it is personal or global. He also notes that with things as accelerated as they are, "transformation itself, is transforming."

Cosmological Influences

In "Awakening to Zero Point" scientist Gregg Braden discusses many of the earths and cosmological changes which can help us to understand the acceleration of transformation. Our bodies are entrained to the moon and earth's vibration as well as the sun and our galaxy. Every cell in our body is impacted by these higher vibrations:

  • Until 1986, the Earth vibrated at 7.8 hertz cycles per second and is now around 11- 13 pulses per second.
  • The magnetic force of the Earth is decreasing while the sun's is stabilizing. When the earth's magnetic force becomes zero and and the vibration goes up to 13 hertz we will have reached zero point - which is hypothesized as the ultimate opportunity for consciousness change. It is speculated that this will happen in 2012 which Mayan and ancient Egyptian calendars also predict. We are in the very midst of this now.
  • For the past 2,000 years our solar system has been going through the Photon Belt in our galaxy which means we are being exposed to more particles of light. The exposure is greatest when we are way through and that is happening now.
  • In the 1960's it was proven that a new frequency was being transmitted to the earth from the centre of our galaxy known as the Great Central Sun by the esoteric ancients. The Mayan calendar (which is galactic rather than solar based) and the scientific concept of precession which takes into account the earth axis wobbles slowly over 25,800 years causing it to change its orientation to the stars expounds upon this further. On Dec. 21, 2012 the meridian of the solstice sun will be 3 degrees from our galaxy's centre. This will be the most powerful conjunction of the past 25,800 years and this is impacting us now. The Mayans and other indigenous, spiritual peoples believe that spiritual gateways are opening with this conjunction and this is also happening now.

Shadow and Light

What do all these celestial and earth changes mean for us in respect to change? With all the light being infused into the planet right now, whether is from the universe or the light we shine from within, transformation can only happen on anything but a grand, accelerated and intense scale. When mega transformation happens it is anything but clean and clear but messy instead, disorderly and chaotic. When light gets mixed with dark, stuff hits the fan. Light causes more darkness to surface so that it may be transformed and healed. If we look at it through a myopic lense it won't make sense. It will cause us to feel despair, hopeless and fearful. If we understand that we are living in extraordinary times, can see the bigger picture and do not lose faith and hope we can move to a higher level.

As we write this we are almost at war. Even though the planet feels anything but peaceful, huge strides are being made in terms of global awareness and unity. The tragedy of 9/11 did wake us up to social activism and to become globally aware. More of us are becoming global citizens compassionate for our neighbours. On February 15, the most massive peace demonstrations in history happened around the world. In Rome two million people protested, in London 1.5 million marched and in Toronto it was estimated at 80,000.

Social, spiritual activism is alive and well. It did not die in the 60's however has reemerged with more profoundness and meaning than ever. We are not just praying and meditating, we are taking action. In the middle of all this chaos, paradigms are shifting and people are uniting for the cause of peace.

It is our duty and obligation to continue to hold the light, stay centred in the chaos, come from love not fear, have faith and hope and continue to pray, meditate and take social action. To inspire you to hold this sacred space, we would like to leave you with an excerpt from "The Declaration of Humanity" written by Dr. Ilchi Lee to dedicate the University of Peace, an affiliate of the U.N. in Seoul Korea on March 3.

  • I declare that. am Spiritual Being, an eternal part of the soul of humanity, one and indivisible.
  • I am a Human Being whose rights and security depend on assuring the rights of all peoples of the Earth.
  • I am a Child of the Earth who works for goals that benefit the entire community of life on Earth.
  • I am a Healer with the power to heal the conflict and division that exists on Earth.
  • I am a Protector to help recover the Earth's natural harmony and beauty.
  • I am an Activist with the commitment to make a positive difference in my society.
    And as Yasuhiko Kimura puts it - Let's start to "think cosmically and act globally."