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The Mystical Heart of 2012

The Mystical Heart of 2012

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

The deep recession we are going through is part of clearing away old world energies in order to create a New Earth as we move closer to 2012, the end of the 26,000 year old Mayan calendar, and the beginning of a new, more enlightened epoch for humanity. It is very evident that we need to develop a new relationship with money which has been very polarized from fear on one end to greed on the other. This great financial turmoil has exposed all the corruption and greed that was hidden in humanity’s dark underbelly. While this is a very challenging time for many, especially if they have lost their job, it signals that indeed, we are going through a great transformation that will ultimately result in a more highly evolved planet.

We encourage you not to identify with the fear band of consciousness that runs rampantly in the collective unconscious but rather to reach upwards to the higher band of frequencies that herald the coming of 2012, also known as the ‘Great Turning’ or ‘Shift of Ages’ and the co-creation of a New Earth. The opening of the Mystical Heart, which this article explores, is a way to tap into these higher energies.

Origins of the Mystical Heart

The Mystical Heart goes by many names such as Global Heart, Cosmic Heart, Sacred Heart and the Christ Heart. It is definitely not a concept new to 21st century spirituality. The Spanish mystical 16th century saints, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, referred to the Mystical Heart in their writings as being cosmic love for humanity and the Earth.

It is said that the vibrational origin of the Mystical Heart is located at the centre of our galaxy known as the Great Central Sun. Shamans of many spiritual traditions have journeyed here to experience these energies. On winter solstice, 2012, the earth, sun and our solar system will be in direct alignment with the core of our galaxy, hence, the imminence of these higher loving and uplifting energies. Aligning to these energies, will result in the cosmic heart awakening for those who are ready as part of the great shift and the ascension (or evolution) of our planet.

A Love that Transcends

The love of the Mystical Heart reaches far beyond romantic love, love for a parent or child, relative or friend. It encompasses unconditional love for all of humanity, regardless of race, colour or creed. It involves love for Gaia or Mother Earth and all of her species whether they are from the animal, plant or mineral kingdoms.

We see God everywhere and acknowledge that divinity exists in nature. Lately, we have received so many internet photos and videos that honour the beauty of planet earth and show the love that exists between different animals through interspecies communication. When looking at this beauty and you sigh a great ‘ah,’ the sacred sound of the heart chakra, you know you have connected with the Mystical Heart. Some of our favourites, that you can Google are the elephant/dog duo from Tennessee, stampeding dolphins and the photo “When God dropped the paint box.”

Heaven to Earth

Through the expansion of the heart, we can bring heavenly energies to earth. This concept is now reversed; we don’t have to die to experience heaven, but rather when we are aligned to source and the divine in the physical we can bring celestial energies downward and embody them. We can have moments of experiencing the ‘other side’ in our everyday lives. We can bring paradise to earth despite what is going on in the external world around us. This is very much about intention and choice – do you decide to identify with the malaise and fear of the planet or with the uplifting mystical heart energies?

This really is about the birthing of the Sacred Human. Some call it the emergence of ‘Earth Angels’ who are the way showers to serve humanity through this great transition. This is even echoed in mainstream society. The Toronto Star has recently honoured ‘Earth Angels’ who do loving work for the environment.

Divine Essence

When we connect deeply on a soul level with another and can see the divinity and beauty of their soul, our cosmic heart is open. The Sanskrit expression ‘Namaste’ reflects this. Prior to our Mystical Heart opening, we may have been more concerned that our friends were from the same socioeconomic, educational or spiritual background as us. We are now blending with diversity as attested by such Oscar winning films such as “Slumdog Millionaire” or “Milk.” We can make profound connections with people, so different from us, when we feel the beauty of their essence despite what walk of life they come from.

The love that you have for you furry Earth Angel will definitely open your Mystical Heart – again an example of interspecies communication. The gifts that I (Kathy) have received from my dogs, Chakra and Bija, are unconditional love, acceptance, and non-judgment. They teach us how to live in the present and how to be in the joy of beingness. How can you not go to your ‘Joy Body,’ when your dog greets you with a hundred tail wags and does a spirited happy dance?


Embracing high octave emotions such as gratitude and appreciation align us with the Mystical Heart. Being able to forgive and letting go of resentment do, too. Unconditional love, empathy, compassion, acceptance and non-judgment are all aspects of higher heart or Christ consciousness. Continue to give generously and share your gifts coming from the bounty of your heart.

The heart is nourished by the playfulness of your inner child, pleasure, laughter and celebration. It grows through appreciation of beauty and seeking harmony and peace. It becomes global and mystical when we translate these qualities to all of humanity, nature and our beloved planet and honour that we are all connected and one.