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The Magician - As Above, So Below

The Magician - As Above, So Below

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

Over the next few columns we write, we will be meeting some the sacred archetypes that are emerging in our consciousness and learn how to use their gifts. First of all, archetypes are blueprints of behavioural patterns. They are universal and reside in the collective unconscious. Archetypal energy inspires us when an aspect of our soul resonates with the qualities of the archetype.

The emerging Sacred Archetypes that are becoming more readily available to us impact us on a spiritual level bestowing us with gifts of spirit, mystical illumination, creativity and inspiration. These sacred energies are instrumental in aiding us to birth the Sacred Human and bringing heaven down to earth so that we many connect to our inner Garden of Eden.

The Magician

The Magician is one of the strongest sacred archetypes available to us currently. We just need to witness the global popularity of Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter to know this is true. The Magician also goes by many other names: Wizard, Alchemist, Wise Sorcerer, Shaman, Witch, Healer, High Priestess, Sage, Seer and Healer. Let's explore the many facets of Magus energy.

The Alchemist

The Magician's most important gift is to transform reality by changing consciousness. In that sense, he is an Alchemist, not in the literal sense of changing lead into gold, but in its highest way of being, seeking complete spiritual transformation.

The Magician understands the stages of transformation and that our shadow is the grist for the mill. She is not afraid to explore the darkness in herself or others. As an expert in transmutation, negative emotions are allowed to change in positive ones; old wounds of the psyche are reframed and seen as important soul lessons; and the truth becomes known in unconscious distortion. Like the role of psychotherapist, the Magician helps to make the unconscious, conscious. .

The Manifester

Magic is the art of changing consciousness through right intent and will in order to manifest what we want in our life. We manifest by having a direct line to the Divine and in that respect we are co-creators with God. The Magician knows how to obtain maximum results with minimum energy expenditure. This art takes many years to master.

He is just as in touch with the God within as the God without. His motto is "As above, so below." What we visualize, think and focus on is what we manifest. Esoterically speaking, the macrocosm and microcosm mirror one another. The Magician understands that everything is interconnected and knows how to work with unity consciousness.

The movie "Field of Dreams" is a good example of manifester energy: "If you build it, they will come."

The Miracle Maker

Miracles can happen every day in our lives - we just have to recognize them since they can come in small packages. The idea of magic and miracles in our life can seem remote but we just need to remember the multitude of miracles that Jesus, Moses, and Buddha performed. Now, we don't have to walk on water or change water into wine. On a smaller scale we need to pay attention when things we wish for suddenly become true or to chance meetings that change our lives forever. We become aware of our extrasensory perceptions and are guided by intuition and clairvoyance.

Synchronicity or meaningful coincidences can feel like magic or little miracles. Through the magic of synchronicity, experiences that match our inner realities are drawn to us through the magnetic field. The Magician definitely knows how to use the "Law of Attraction" to manifest what she wants in her life and to create miracles small or large. The quote from scripture summarizes the manifesting power of the Magician "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open."

The Journeyer

Like the Shaman, the Magician realizes we are multi-dimensional beings and knows how to travel through various levels of reality and dimensions to serve. We can journey to the unconscious to transform our wounds, darkness, or reclaim gifts that have been disowned. We can travel to upper realms of consciousness to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and Masters to understand our higher purpose and soul's evolution.

The Magician knows how to enter altered states on consciousness to do this and uses such tools as meditation, guided imagery, trance, invocation, prayer, drumming, deep breathing, dance, visioning, and sound.

The Magician knows how to connect nature spirits to harness the elemental powers of earth, water, fire and water.

The Healer

Again like the Shaman, the Magician will work with her medicine pouch in serving as healer. The Healer knows how to work the human energy system and chakras to bring them into balance such as a Reiki Master does. They know how to clear a room of stagnant energies and how to use crystals for healing or to program them to manifest. They work with a wide variety of natural remedies such as herbs and essential oils to help heal ailments.

The High Priest

The Magician knows the art of ceremony and ritual to change consciousness and transform. They know how to harness the spiritual powers for these purposes and create "magic" in a ritual - turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and creating peak experiences. They know how to align groups of people with cosmic or universal energies and get them in the flow. The Magician is typically very charismatic and hence can influence large groups of people. They know how to become magnetic.

The Shadow Magician

Known as evil sorcerers, the dark magician uses his gifts or powers to manipulate and control others, gain power and wealth at the expense of others. They may even cast negative spells to hurt others or more simply in everyday life, fantasize that bad things happen to other people. They may use their sexual energy inappropriately to lure people to them so they may take advantage of them. They are masterful at pushing your buttons to take you off track and disempower you. They know how to manipulate groups of people for their own adulation and adoration.

Once we are endowed with Magician energy we must come from the light only and learn to use it with wisdom and discretion. If we abuse these gifts, we may attain immediate gratification but the Law of Karma always intercedes, sooner if not later. If Magicians abuse these energies eventually it will catch up with them in their own nemesis. Remember, "what goes around eventually comes around."