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The Emerging Sacred Human - Part 2

The Emerging Sacred Human - Part 2

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

This month we continue to explore the emergence of Sacred Human as consciousness on the planet evolves and expands. Last month, we looked at few concepts instrumental to the Sacred Human: we are multi-dimensional beings; spiritual is not better than human - they should not be compared; our shadow is the raw material for spiritual growth; God is within; and we are co-creators with the Divine.

Are we spiritual beings having a human experience or sometimes human beings having a spiritual experience? Is it really that black and white and does it need to be that differentiated? We always talk about spiritual enlightenment but what about human enlightenment?

The Village of Inner Selves

Do you ever feel that many selves live inside of you each with its own character? Our psyches are indeed complex with many parts or subpersonalities - some in harmony with one another and others in diametric opposition. Everyone has a parent, child, adult, male, female, critic, judge and spiritual selves within them. We also have a grouping of primary selves that help us to function and navigate through life and a set of disowned selves that may be the polar opposite. We all have a shadow, darkness and unconscious parts - if we did not we would not have to be here is this incarnation.

We need to intimately know these parts and have this "Village of inner selves" communicate with one another. Some are dysfunctional in us, sabotage us and are incongruent with the rest of the selves. Some will fall away or transform as we evolve. Others are frozen inside, as if they were a prisoner in a dark dungeon and are deeply in pain and suffering since they are cut off from the rest of us. Some are very spiritual; others very human. We may be over identified with a few or act out their negative polarity a causing havoc in our life and relationships. When we are in crisis or transformation, the apple cart gets upset perhaps exposing ones that were unconscious. This can be very disconcerting and painful. Our psyche may get reshuffled. The important thing here is that as we evolve we want to make all our parts conscious and get them working as a team.

You will want to know the parts of your significant other and close friends for they too have a village inside of them. No wonder our relationships feel crazy sometimes! Some parts of us will be in harmony with our significant others and some in conflict. The more we love someone, the more they will trigger us for our disowned selves will get rattled. Hence, many great opportunities for soul growth through relationships will arise to make your parts conscious.

Being Authentic and Real

We evolve through becoming aware, conscious and changing within. As we grow, we also become more authentic and real. Yashuhiko Kimura, an expert in transformation, states "authenticity is more fundamental than spiritual enlightenment. Without authenticity, no genuine spiritual enlightenment is possible."

So, this means when you are having a really "human" day don't fake it and act as if you are really spiritual. Don't go into spiritual bypass trying to ignore what's coming up from your shadow trying to be healed. If one is trying to always be spiritual, perhaps over identifying with a "New Age" subpersonality, then they are not real. Don't pretend that you love everyone in your life because you probably don't. When you are authentic, you become a straight shooter and a direct communicator. You do not play games and have hidden agendas.

You will also allow yourself to vacillate from being empowered to being vulnerable. This makes us incredibly and adorably human. It also cultivates intimacy and soulful connections in our relationships.

The Path of Relationship

Our relationships act as a catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation. Sometimes they will feel very heavenly and divine and at other times "hellish" and painful. With certain individuals who really push our buttons, we may feel very loving and spiritual towards them and at other times almost "homicidal".

There really is not any perfect spouse or ideal romantic soul mate. A soul mate is simply someone who we contract who will act as catalyst to activate the soul's learning. Caroline Myss calls these "Sacred Contracts". A soul mate may be a spouse, friend, child, parent, colleague or even a pet! Generally the more animation or chemistry we have with another, the greater the challenge and the soul's lessons.

A soul mate will reflect what is glorious and beautiful about us as well as our shadow, unconscious and disowned parts. While the glorious part brings us harmony, the shadow will trigger us bringing discordance to the relationship. It will reflect our baggage and what needs to be healed within. It will bring us to the parts of ourselves that we don't love, are alienated and need to be nurtured and accepted.

Relationships are our teachers. Ultimately, we want to take the high road in our relationships allowing them to move us to a more evolved way of being. And as we grow, we will find our relationships deeply nurture and feed our soul. There is nothing more gratifying than meaningful, soulful connections with others. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and it always helps us to find our way in our relationships.

The Beloved

Rumi wrote ecstatic poetry about the Beloved which is not really another person or lover but a deep connection to your Source and ultimately beingness itself. An unknown author states the Beloved is "the boundarylessness of your own great nature expressed in its rapture and absolute vastness by the word love" (Author Unknown).

When we come to know, love, accept all of our parts, we meet the Beloved within. It is indeed a rapturous and ecstatic connection since love and light flows from our source and nurtures all aspects of our being. When the floodgates open, we are bathed and ensconced in a euphoric energy of being attracted to ourselves. It is like having chemistry with yourself and the high that we get when we fall in love. Once you experience this connection, you can conjure it up at anytime. You really don't need a mate to have a tantric experience with yourself. Within your psyche with the Beloved experience, your inner male marries your inner female.

Since we are attracted to ourselves this makes us more magnetic, even charismatic and gives us presence. Embrace the Beloved within, honour the Beloved in others and you will attract "your beloved" when the time is right. Become all the qualities you want from your lover or friends to invite the external Beloved into your life.