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The Emerging Sacred Human - Part 1

The Emerging Sacred Human - Part 1

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

Amidst all the change and turmoil with the advent of the 21st Century and the simultaneous raising of human consciousness within certain sectors of society, we witness the birthing of the Sacred Human on our planet. Coincidently, we also have the reemergence of the Divine Feminine balanced by the Divine Masculine accompanied by accelerated energies that will take us to the year 2012. The great mystics have always talked about a Golden Age gracing the planet. They were never really referring to an instant Utopia or that suddenly the world would abound in peace, love and happiness. Instead, the spiritual seekers who have done serious inner work and healing, have raised their consciousness and are dedicated to their spiritual practice, are being elevated into a "golden" way of being embodying the Sacred Human archetype.

Sacred Human Defined

Rather than having to die to experience "heaven", the Sacred Human is learning to bring "heaven" into their earthly way of being. We walk the planet in an inspired, illumined, aware and conscious way. We also honour our strengths and the frailties of being human and are not afraid of our own darkness. We have the courage to venture into our shadow to heal unhealthy parts. In the journey for transformation, most of us have been to hell and back internally confronting our "demons" or going through a dark night of the soul. We honour our shadow since it is the raw material for spiritual growth. We enter into the mystery and embrace the unknowns of life without a map.

Spiritual Currents

The Sacred Human allows many currents of energy to move through them to guide their journey. The primary currents that influence us are love, light, transformation, truth and joy. Being only on one or two currents narrows our perspective. For example, embracing only the love current may make us compassionate but not discerning. The current of truth must be added to see through our own distortions and delusions and those of others. Transformation is the true nature of the universe and the element of light catalyses our soul's evolution. After having done so much inner work and moving through our pain and suffering, we make a choice to experience more joy and happiness in our lives.

The Sacred Human is not afraid of change for this is way of the universe. We become agents of change for ourselves, others and society. We are alchemists and know how to transform "lead to gold."

Multi-dimensional Beings We realize that we are multi-dimensional and energetic beings able to access higher realms of wisdom and knowledge. We can traverse these realms easily by going into a meditative state or journeying. It is natural to receive divine guidance while in normal consciousness and the downloading of creative ideas and higher information comes effortlessly. We connect to higher spiritual presences in the non-physical such as angels and spirit guides for guidance. When in nature, we commune with nature intelligences even seeking their input for activities such as gardening.

God is in Me

We realize that God is in ourselves and that we are part of God. In that sense, we actualize our God-self. We do not search for a God that is outside of us and realize that God or the Divine is present in every human and living thing from our pets, to a flower, or to a crystal.

We are blessed with Gifts of Spirit such as intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to transfer spiritual energy to foster healing.

We know why we are here and are aligned with our higher purpose both personally and professionally. Our lives and relationships have meaning. We embrace our soul's learning and lessons.

Co-creation and Miracles

The Sacred Human understands the law of attraction, power of intention and we able to co-create with the Divine what we want from life. So much of what we create and attract to us happens on an inner plane first.

We are visionaries and know how to hold a vision to manifest goals which are aligned to soul and spirit. Abundance and prosperity is bountiful in our lives.

We believe in Divine Providence and miracles and expect them to happen. Synchronicity happens for us on a daily basis and we know how to read the signposts of the universe whether they have a positive or negative message. We meet the right people, are in the right places, at the right time.

We realize that we create our destiny through the power intention and choice. We have the choice to be happy or unhappy, resentful or forgiving, depressed or joyful. Power is in choice.

Master Archetype

We are aligned to the Master Archetype that helps us to create our own reality, that allows to have choice in how we feel and how we respond to others and life. We take full responsibility for the life we have created. When something goes awry we do not go to blame but ask "How have I have been part in creating this or attracting this situation or person to me? What am I to learn from this and what do I need to transform in me so that I don't repeat this again?" We realize that our external world and relationships are just mirrors and reflections of aspects our inner selves.

We live from a state of empowerment which probably took us many years to achieve. We are careful not to give away our power and if we have, we know how to reclaim it. Yet, we can go to a state of vulnerability in our relationships for that is a prerequisite of intimacy and soulful interaction. To be vulnerable does not mean that we are disempowered. If we have slipped into victimhood, we ask what is the learning and meaning of this and we are able to get ourselves back into a state of empowerment.
We believe the Sacred Human is part of the newer energies and archetypes that have become available to us due to our own evolution and that of the planet. Because this concept is so important for our destiny and that of the Earth, we will continue with the topic in next month's Vitality.