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The Emerging Sacred Archetypes

The Emerging Sacred Archetypes

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

The Sacred Archetypes are coming! While the world has undergone new stressors and increasing conflict over the past 6 months, the flip side of the coin shows that more light is emerging within certain sectors and consciousness is beginning to shift. All that we need to witness is the global popularity of Harry Potter and the Magician archetype represented by the current mass appeal of wizards. And it looks as if the wizard is upstaging our fascination with angels. Thank God, our children, the new light bearers, are being raised and weaned on these higher archetypes. They are being prepared to help shift consciousness on the planet.

First of all, archetypes are motifs or themes of patterns and behaviours that are universal, timeless and part of the human condition. They are represented in mythology, religious stories, fairy tales, Jungian psychology and by gods, goddesses and deities. They become available to us through our inner experience when our psyche is ready. When an aspect of our soul resonates to an archetype, a holographic window opens for us in the collective unconscious making that experience and archetypal characteristics available to us.

Sacred Archetypes impact us on a spiritual level and bestow us with "gifts of spirit", mystical experiences, wisdom, creativity, inspiration and illumination. They specifically awaken our transpersonal, crown and brow chakras. They quicken the process of transformation bringing us the art of alchemy, which allows us to change leaden consciousness to gold. We will look at 7 sacred archetypes that are having a spiritual impact on our collective unconscious now.

The Magician is a master of alchemy, transformation and uses "magick" to change consciousness at will. They are masters of "creating their own reality" and can change it more quickly through intent and focus rather than hard work and struggle. The magician reminds us that everything is interconnected to the whole and mirrors the microcosm/macrocosmic experience with such axioms as "as above, so below," "as within, so without" or "if you build it, they will come." Magicians are wizards when it comes to working with group healing, energy and manifesting. When our magician is active, we are very psychic, intuitive, may experience premonitions, lots of synchronicity and everyday miracles.

The Sage's path is to seek truth about world, the universe and ourselves. Unlike the magician who changes reality in a positive way, the sage strives to understand the world rather than change it or control it. The sage's axiom is "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Sages worked in the ancient mystery schools to decipher codes revealing the underlying riddles of existence. They often speak in oracles, parables, riddles and koans. Their most important skill is to help us see through our distortions, defenses and projections. This is the penultimate skill of the psychotherapist, the modern day sage. It is this sage-like ability that separates the everyday psychotherapist from the brilliant one. The sage is a master of observing, detaching and seeing objective truth vs personal truth. They interpret everyday experiences, conflicts and relationships on a symbolic level.

The Seer imbues the magician and sage with clairvoyant abilities, imagination and great visions. The seer archetype would have influenced the "pythia", or high priestess crone who resided over the great Delphi Oracle around 500 B.C.E. Also, it was the seer who came through the Tibetan shaman in trance who provided the map of the journey through Himalayas to help the Dalai Lama escape from the Chinese in 1959. The seer archetype is very active within in spiritual circles - just observe the popularity of tarot cards and divination tools. Spiritual psychotherapists can also work with the tools of the sage by bringing, for example, inner child cards into their session work. The greatest skill the seer brings us, is to become visionary, to see our unlimited potential and probabilities, to make our wildest dreams come true and to "think outside the box."

The High Priest/Priestess is the initiator into the hidden mysteries of the soul. Your priestess is the medium or channel that connects you to the Divine to receive guidance. Ritual facilitators are guided by this archetype. When they use spiritual energy in ritual it becomes sacred ceremony. The priest takes us through spiritual initiation on the inner planes guiding us to our next level of evolution. Any of us on an earnest spiritual path will undergo an inner ordination making our sacred vows to the Divine. The public spiritual teacher is empowered by this archetype to impart sacred teachings and wisdom in a moral and ethical way.

The Mystic or hermit represents our introspective journey inwards, our inner solitude and retreat to balance our spirituality within every day life. Caroline Myss says the mystic of today does not need to go to an ashram or monastery to experience this archetype. It is the mystic that initiates our descent into the "dark night of the soul." It is inevitable that we full heartedly meet, struggle with and transform our darkness or shadow. The mystic lets us live the mystery of everyday life knowing that chaos and change are part of existence. It helps to surrender, let go of control, transcend the ego and have direct contact with God.

The Muse is the archetype that wakes you up at 4 in the morning with an inspired idea. We tend to think of the muse only helping us with us the visual, written and performing arts, however s/he also helps us with creative, visionary and conceptual thinking. The muse brings us the return of the Sacred Arts. Sacred Art can be defined as art created through a spiritual connection to one's soul/essence and to the Divine. It does not come from the ego. In a broader sense, Carol Pearson states the muse helps us to birth and create our own reality so that "life becomes an art form."

As we heal our wounds from the past the Magical Child has the opportunity to emerge. This is the part of you that is directly connected to the Divine - that never got damaged or wounded. This archetype has 4 aspects to it: the playful, creative, intuitive and spiritual child. It brings us unlimited joy, curiosity, wonderment, spontaneity and fun. It is the part of us that becomes fascinated with wizards, angels and fairies and awesomely sees the magic in every day life. As Joseph Campbell said "it's about the rapture of being alive." This archetype keeps us young at heart and allows us to play no matter what age we are.

A great way to connect to sacred archetypes is through sacred art whether it be dance, movement, song, painting, clay modeling, journaling, mask making, ritual or drama. One of our faculty members, Gary Diggins, uses inspired sound to create soundscapes to capture the essence of the various archetypes.

The Sacred Archetypes are certainly emerging even though we live challenging and troubled times. Connecting to them can bring you to your own "inner garden of Eden." Let them lead the way to bring about a golden consciousness on our planet.