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Seasons of Transformation

Seasons of Transformation

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

As the lingering days of summer are coming quickly to an end and with fall soon approaching we are reminded of the never-ending cycle of seasons and what they mean for us as a metaphor for transformation and growth. In our direction of the Transformational Arts College for over 16 years, we have been privileged to intimately know and understand the process of transformation. It is a spiritual current and rhythm that closely follows the cycles and energies of the four seasons.

If transformation were a shape it would be the never-ending, unfolding spiral. The spiral's sacred geometry is common to many galaxies of the universe and is symbolic of evolution and growth. What's deceptive about a spiral is that once we come full circle in it, we think our work is done. We get to rest of our laurels for a bit but then the current of transformation comes along again and we are catapulted to a higher level in the spiral for more growth. A new cycle of change begins - much to our chagrin.

The modus operandi of the soul and spirit is transformation and evolution which our humanness and ego adamantly resists at times. Since we are creatures of habit, most of us like to sit in the comfort zone of familiarity so change is not something we easily embrace. However, the nature of the soul will always bring us people, places and things that catalyze our growth. It could come in the form of a relationship that intensely triggers us and makes us crazy. This is often a sure sign that more soul growth has been ordered up. Instead of exiting this kind of relationship or avoiding confrontation inquire, "How is my soul asking me to grow from this relationship? How is relationship my teacher?" If we don't address our issues now, the universe will only bring us a relationship that triggers us more unless we start to do some serious inner examination and embrace the current of transformation.

Yasuhiko Kimura, an expert on transformation, states, "Transformation means that you need to continuously dissolve the old meaning of your life and create your life anew. You actually need to recognize the central meaning of your life to be the evolutionary process itself." He also notes that everyone wants to become spiritually enlightened but no one wants to change. He sees the process of transformation and authenticity fundamental to enlightenment. He states "authenticity is more fundamental than spiritual enlightenment. Without authenticity, no genuine spiritual enlightenment is possible."

In honouring the process of transformation, we need to learn how to let go, go with the flow and surrender. These are spiritual acts. Transformation becomes painful when we resist its natural current.

So what is the flow of transformation? We thought we would use the analogy of the four seasons to understand its many rhythms.

Transformation is a natural process that occurs predictably throughout nature. Trees loose their leaves in autumn, growth becomes dormant in the winter, new life blossoms in the spring, caterpillars change into butterflies and everything comes to fruition in summer.

Rather than intellectualize more about transformation, we thought that we would leave you with a poem that would allow you to experience the rhythms, pulses and spiraling effect of the seasons of transformation. The beginning point is when we wake up to our unconscious and unaware self which no longer works for us.


The Seasons of Transformation
The Unconscious Party
So life is a party,
As you twirl around,
Headed in every direction,
Even upside down.

Twirling and spinning,
Your feet don't touch the ground,
Everything feels so good,
Cuz your head's in the clouds,
Things seem to work,
And you are having so much fun,
But you are on such a fast treadmill,
You are not the only one.

Faster and faster,
You can hardly keep up,
Money, love and power,
You just can't get enough.

The emptiness inside
Is too hard to take,
The hollowness inquires,
What life are you here to create?

The Decay of Fall
Old ways, a heavy past,
They are in your way,
So stuck, so stuck,
In a state of decay.

Even your addictions,
Don't work anymore,
You must go inside,
Finding new doors.

Like a tree standing barren,
You have lost all your leaves,
Feeling exposed and naked,
In a state of dis-ease.

Churning deeply inside
What needs to be released?
What needs to be transformed?
To find inner peace.

Dark Night of Winter
The cold winds of winter,
Chill you to the bone,
It's getting so bleak,
You just can't find home.

Everything is so dark,
Where is the light?
Your soul must now hibernate,
To make things right.

You feel disconnected,
You can't find God,
You don't know who you are becoming,
In this frozen fog.

The pain is so raw,
From years in the past,
Can you find new ways?
To be free at last.

Your old self dies,
And you cry in lament,
Deep down inside,
You know it's time worth spent.

The days are getting longer,
As light pours in,
Spring is on its way,
There is a new place to begin.

Rebirth of Spring
The songs of birds,
And the warmth of the sun,
The babble of a brook,
Spring has now begun,

You wipe your eyes,
From winter's heavy sleep,
You start to blossom forth,
From way out of the deep.v
Rejoice, Rejoice!!
You have been reborn,
A new you emerges,
As you blow your own horn!

You feel so creative,
As you bathe in the light,
Expanding and moving forward,
The heavy past is out of sight.

Empowerment of Summer
You are in the prime of summer,
So whole and complete,
Empowered and ennobled.
What a regal feat!

You are deeply connected
To God and everyone
Love comes so easily
When you inner work is done.

You manifest so quickly,
Everything comes to fruition,
Looking at what you've created.
You claim, "I'm a magician."
You live heaven on earth,
You are so Divine,
Life is full of joy,
When you are so aligned.

Celebrate Summer!

The Evolutionary Spiral
The Spiral of life
Goes on and on
For the growth and evolution,
Is the universe's only true song.

Aware and conscious,
You keep on moving ahead,
You can never go back,
For the old you is dead.

And life has its way,
When you are sitting on a plateau,
You go back within
And give transformation another go..

Life becomes easier when we go with the flow.

Poem by Kathy Ryndak