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Sacred Human - Sacred Living Part 3

Sacred Human - Sacred Living Part 3

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

Last month, we focused on the human part of the equation for the Sacred Human looking at the village of inner selves, the path of relationship and the concept of the Beloved. In this issue, we will explore strategies for Sacred Living that anyone can practice no matter the depth of one's soul development.

We have talked about the idea of the Sacred Human learning to bring heaven into their earthly way of being. In his book " What God Wants", Neale Donald Walsch states, "getting to heaven will no longer be the ultimate purpose in life. Creating heaven where ever you are will be seen as the primary objective." The mystics refer to this as the Thousand Years of Peace or a Golden Age of Glory, which we see as a metaphor. The concept of living heaven on earth (as best as we can) is part of the New Spirituality that is emerging in the 21st Century.

Sacred Archetypes

Because of our souls' growth and that of the planet, many Sacred Archetypes have become available to us which offer us mystical, magical and illumined experiences. They also bestow us with "Gifts of Spirit" and help us to access multi-dimensional energies. The Shaman helps the healing process using the earthly energies of the four elements. The Sacred Lover marries the inner male and female. The Spiritual Warrior helps us to embody the yin and yang of power. The Magical Child lets us live in the eternal fountain of youth opening us to enchantment and wonderment. The Muse brings us the return of the Sacred Arts. The Magician is the master of alchemy, transformation and creation our own reality. The High Priest/Priestess allows us to enter into the mystery and connects us to divine guidance.

Gods and Goddesses

In the same vein, we can get to know the many qualities and faces of the Divine and the God Within by tapping into the energies and archetypes of the various Gods and Goddesses of different spiritual cultures, traditions and mythologies. For example, Gaia will surely put you in touch with the healing energies of the earth while Tara will connect you to the wisdom of heaven and spiritual freedom. Kuan Yin, the Eastern Goddess of mercy and compassion, became very accessible to us as we prayed for Tsunami victims and survivors.

Beings of the Non-physical

We are never really separated from the Divine for this is a delusion of the negative ego. We are all interconnected and never have to "go it alone." We can always reach out to receive support from others in both the physical and non-physical.

The invisible worlds grace us with beings that we can connect to when we are in need of guidance or support. We all have a Guardian Angel that protects and looks out for us. We can also connect to the spiritual powers of Archangels or Masters for "super" guidance or to empower ourselves with the godly attributes they behold. Each of us has a Spirit Guide(s) to help with our soul's lessons. Through nature, we can call upon animal medicine through animal totems or connect to nature spirits or devas to more meaningful commune with natural life.

Sacred Arts and Ritual

We can also put ourselves in touch with our heavenly natures through Sacred Art which can be defined as art created through a spiritual connection to the Divine catalyzing a transformational response in the one creating, participating in or observing the creative experience. Regardless, of whether we consider ourselves "creative" or not, the soul speaks to us through sound, music, drama, dance, movement, prose and the visual arts.

We can express our spirituality combining the sacred arts with ritual or ceremony. This is the role of the High Priest/Priestess. The Sacred Human can make the art of intention, co-creation and manifesting more tangible pulling it right into the physical through the expression of the ceremonialist.

Vibrational Arts

The healer and the ceremonialist also know how to work with the vibrational arts of energy work, colour, sound, crystals and scent (through aromatherapy.) Combining all of these together, makes something that is "invisibly" energetic very palpable bringing heaven right into the physical. A Reiki treatment can be a lot more pleasurable, sensual and powerful if it is enhanced with colour, crystals, sound and scent.

Sacred Space

The Sacred Human loves to live in sacred space and regards their home as a sanctuary that will soothe or revitalize their energies. In order for your soul to "show up" in your home, you will have to design your space so that it resonates with your beingness.

Consider the colours, fabrics and shapes that you choose for your dcor. Your walls can become the canvas to express your soul through faux finishing. Move away from those "safe" colours that appeal to real estate agents for we can reassure you the colour of your soul is not beige. Right now there are so many fabrics and paints that shimmer and are saturated with exotic hues.

Build little altars from room to room and make sure you have a prayer/intention table where you can meditate and set intention for daily co-creation. Surround yourself with living things, plants, crystals, flowers and elements such as water (fountains) and fire (candles).

Sacred Emotions

We can move beyond just being sad, mad, glad, or afraid although we must honour these states when we are in them for feelings are the language of the soul. Higher octave emotions elevate us to a more rarified way of being. Learn how to cultivate a sense of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, joy, love, peace and even bliss and ecstasy.

Own your sensual and sexual natures and acknowledge that sexuality, creativity and spirituality are all part of the same continuum - just different octaves of the same energy. You are the Body Tantric and lets remember that sexual energy when consciously and respectfully used can be a magnificent expression of spiritual energy in the physical reminding us that we are One and interconnected.

Being of Service

Our soul's growth helps the planet to evolve and to "Be of service" is one the noblest things we can do. Since we are blessed on so many levels, we will naturally want to give back and serve others. We will also want to be stewards of Gaia protecting the Earth's environment and animals with love and respect.

The Sacred Human's journey is never dull for we realize that it is the soul's intrinsic nature to constantly grow and expand in order to experience our unlimited, divine potentiality. We also learn we can evolve through love, play, laughter and joy rather than just pain. We welcome and embrace transformation for it allows us to keep on recreating ourselves in grandest and most magnificent ways.