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Purge, Emerge and Awaken

Purge, Emerge and Awaken

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

The earth has been literally moving beneath our feet this year whether it be an earthquake, tsunami or volcano. It is hard to imagine that on some days the planet has been experiencing over 40 earth quakes per day. As we move through the Great Turning, also known as 2012, Gaia’s tectonic plates are shifting with greater intensity possibly to acclimatize to the influx higher energies.

Since our energy field is tuned into the electromagnetic field of the Earth, these seismic movements are having a great impact on our psyche and consciousness resulting in a roller coaster ride filled with new challenges and extreme experiences happening at record speed. Remember the earth’s rotation became faster with the 8.8 earthquake in Chile; our day actually became shorter by 1.26 microseconds and the Earth’s axis shifted by 8 cm. We are in the process of an Extreme Shift akin to the practice of Extreme Sports – definitely not for the faint of heart. The shifting is accompanied by purging with the net result being an Extreme Awakening once we get there. Ever wonder why you maybe feeling more ungrounded or out of alignment than usual? We think everyone can identify that it is not ‘business as usual’ on Planet Earth and that something big is happening whether it be earth calamities or another financial crisis.

For the first part of this year, many have been moving through profound transformation in their lives. To comfort you, once we get through the chaotic part of the transformation, we move to a higher level and have more inner peace, harmony and joy. The challenge is getting through this intense change. This article provides insights on this process with some helpful tips to navigate your way through.


With more light coming to the planet, comes the Great Purge – any thing that conflicts with the higher energies is quickly pushed to the surface so that is can be transformed into a higher way of being. The purging process works in an organic way exposing denser energies that no longer serve us. Sometimes, it can come as a surprise to us since these shadow-like energies might have been frozen inside of us becoming unthawed as we take in more light. This can be triggered by an external event that rattles us or by an internal shake-up in our psyche. This cannot be forced or controlled by you since it is initiated and guided by your soul and cosmic changes.

While we are in it, we can feel confused, lost, overwhelmed and vulnerable. We have no choice but to move through it. If we try to sweep it under the carpet, the universe might present us with something else (sometimes bigger) to bring our attention to it.

Don’t let this daunt you since there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Purging through the process of transformation is alchemical and the end result is inner change that can feel quite magical. It is part of the awakening process and part of being alive. We will go through the cycle of purging, transforming and emerging until the day we die – regardless of how much work you have done or how evolved you think you are. This universe is based on the premise of evolution and we need to have a reverence for this sacred process which can be humbling.

Emerging like the Butterfly

One of the most exciting phases of this organic process is emergence and awakening. From darkness, incredible beauty comes forth just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

A caterpillar's cells, which later become the butterfly's cells, consist of clusters called imaginal buds, which contain the butterfly’s blueprint. The caterpillar's immune system regards them as foreign and tries to annihilate them. As the buds multiply, the caterpillar's immune system collapses and its body starts to disintegrate. Through the powerful process of devastation and re-creation it is no longer an ‘ugly’ caterpillar and but reborn as a magnificent butterfly to soar to new heights. The same process happens in our psyche as we purge, emerge and awaken.

Helpful Tips

Always remember that our Higher Self does not give us anything we cannot handle. Although transformation can feel difficult, you do have the inner strength to see it through.
You can affirm to yourself that “this too shall pass” and it will all work out for the better. When you connect to your divinity you are more powerful than you can imagine.
Give up the grand illusion that you are in control. Just witness how little we are in control with the volcanic eruptions in Iceland and the disruption of air traffic.

We can best accommodate unexpected change and events by staying in the moment and adapting to changing scenarios. We can make a choice as to how we work with changing events by either being reactive and therefore too emotional and fear driven or we can decide to be proactive and actually work with these events from the inside out. It is always about choice, not control!

Don’t do a number on yourself by asking “How did I attract this to me?” The law of attraction is intertwined with other spiritual laws making it complex and mystical. A much nobler question is to ask “how am I to grow spiritually from this situation.” Sometimes the soul learning comes from how we respond to the challenge. Also, be aware that some New Agers misuse this law by opining that you attracted it to you for these reasons when all they are really doing is passing judgment from their perspective.

Sometimes “bad things do happen to good people.” When this occurs, a once friendly universe can appear hostile and scary. To get yourself back on track, shift your intention. The universe is actually neutral and it is what it is. Re-identify with the universe as a safe and friendly place.

The discomfort of growing pains always fades quickly and is a small price to pay for a more radiant, joyful and empowered you. You will emerge into a new way of being allowing all of your magnificence to shine through!