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Old World - New World

Old World – New World

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

What intense and dramatic times we live in! We are right in the midst of the “Great Turning” as we move closer to 2012 – the end of the Mayan calendar and the dawning of a new humanity on our planet. No wonder stock markets everywhere in the world are like a white-knuckled roller coaster ride as we move through this transition.

As we birth the ‘New Earth’, anything that is not of a higher order has been falling away for quite sometime. The latest financial crashes reflect a clarion call that we need to move into higher vibrational relationship to money. A wake-up call that hits us in the pocket book, is definitely one that relentlessly holds our attention and heed.

Right now all the greed, corruption, fraud, abuse of power, and ignorance that runs our global economic system and has damaged the environment is being exposed for transformation. Although it feels turbulent, crazy and scary to most, divine chaos is occurring which always happens before we transform to a more advanced way of being. Mainstream society agrees that change is necessary to get the planet out of this debacle. It will be through enlightened change that we will bring more divinity to our planet to manifest the ‘New Earth’ that so many spiritual leaders, such as Eckhart Tolle, speak about. And it is no coincidence that this is happening on a global level so the whole world can transform simultaneously.


The stars certainly mirror the financial transformation we are going through and demonstrate that while everything feels chaotic, things are actually in divine order.

Currently Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn. Capricorn represents our relationship to money, economics, materialism, career, business/ government structures, the patriarchy and social order and we are expressing a negative polarity of this. Jupiter is symbolic of our internal honour code, to see the bigger picture and expand into all that we can be and a higher way of being. With this energy moving through Capricorn we are being called to become more responsible, accountable, moral and ethical around economics, corporations and government. This all syncs up with the federal elections we have had in Canada and the U.S. Much change is in due order. Pluto’s entry in Capricorn insists even though some may not want to change our relationship to money and power, it is inevitable. Did you know that 5% of humans control 98% of the world’s wealth? Pluto also relates to exposing, addressing and transforming the shadow side of things. Jupiter will light and lead the way for a more awakened relationship to money.

The mythology of the American Dream or illusion that we can have whatever we want, when we want, and that ‘bigger is better’ is dying. This ‘dream’ has been perpetuated by the greediness of financial institutions that lend to those who cannot afford with credit causing many to spend beyond their means.

Old Falling Away

As part of the shift to 2012, we need to make the individual and collective choice to let go of ‘old world’ patterns of greed, fear, corruption and abusive power which have caused so much global suffering. Some mystics say that anything not based in the highest reverence for all of life is destined for failure. They believe that enough of humanity has reached a critical threshold of awakened consciousness to galvanize an ascension upwards to bring more heaven to earth since light is more powerful than fear.

What does this mean for you? If you have not done so already, any residues of fear, greed, control and domination will need to be released and transformed within you. We cannot hold onto old ways for they are vibrating at a much lower level than what the awakened world is transitioning too.

It is critical not to identify with the massive fear in the collective unconscious for this will pull you down to denser, negative energies. Rather, let’s move upwards, stay in alignment with our source and let a new reality be born on earth.

The Sacred Human

Along side the co-creation of a ‘New Earth’, the Sacred Human is also being born. The Sacred Human carries the archetypes of co-creator and master and creates a new life through intention and thought. We are also aligned with higher octave states of gratitude, compassion, harmony, balance, unity, integrity, respect for all, abundance, joy and peace. Our Cosmic Heart opens through these energies and the Christ consciousness of non-judgment, acceptance and unconditional love for others. Even though the world is in a massive transition, we can see beauty all around us whether it is in others or in nature.

As Sacred Humans, we need to let anything old in us fall away, make a conscious choice to stay aligned with Source, identify with love vs. fear, and remain calm and centred even though the world is in chaos.

We need to develop a new relationship to money and realize that we are the source of our own prosperity – not the government, stock markets, your spouse or parents, or your employer. By radiating the aforementioned higher qualities we become naturally prosperous and not ruled by outside conditions, economics or recession.

We also realize that at any given moment, we are creating our reality through intention. When you are undecided about how you might respond to a situation, make a choice that reflects alignment to heaven within.


Every human on this planet will be making a decision, consciously or unconsciously, on whether they identify with the old world or new world. Some of us already live on a ‘New Earth’. Others have two feet straddled in both worlds making things difficult and confusing. There will be others who are not ready or conscious enough to evolve upwards. Spiritual thinking has always conveyed that light and truth will lead the way even though on the surface it does not appear this way.

Let’s seize the moment of this incredible time we live in on this planet. The time to co-create the vision of a Sacred Humanity and a ‘New Earth’ that we have longed for, for eons is here. We hope we will manifest a resounding yes in bringing more heaven and harmony to our beloved planet.