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Mayan Revelations – A Prayer for 2012

Mayan Revelations – A Prayer for 2012

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

The much anticipated year of 2012 is finally here! The doomsayers have shrouded it with the Apocalyptic archetype and the end of the world is nigh, again. We can say with a lot certainty we won’t become extinct by reversing poles, deadly solar flares, an asteroid hit or brown dwarf stars changing the earth’s orbit. The Mexican government is definitely not concerned for they have planned over 500 Mayan themed events this year to celebrate 2012.

The effects of 2012 will not just be felt on Dec. 21, the end of a world age, according to the Mayan calendar. We have been in 2012 effect for quite some time by the alignment of our solar system with the galactic core of the Milky Way. This alignment started in 1980 and will end in 2016. We have come through the most of it now with only 4 years to go and we have survived!

The biggest impact of this alignment has been change and transformation. Just witness the Berlin Wall falling in 1989, the dismantling of the USSR in 1991, the U.S. terrorist attack on 9/11, the stock market crash of 2008, the impact of the internet/social media and the recent Arab Spring and OCCUPY movement. There has been an increase in natural disasters, possibly due to climate change, with a record of 42 million being displaced from their homes in 2010. So, it has been a very challenging and tumultuous time, here, on Planet earth.

Individually, many have gone through cleansing and purging of the denser energies they were holding so they could go to the next level of their spiritual development. Some have gone through extreme transformations with the burning off the egoic selves. It has been difficult internally and it has not been a cakewalk.

8 Mayan Revelations

The following revelations, which we have shortened, were given to Sri and Kira of the Tosa Centre in Guatemala by authentic Mayan elders. For the actual revelations, you can visit

  1. “Our world is in severe imbalance and is begging for appreciation. Balance will be restored when those who forgot to be loving, love again.
  2. There is a lot of manipulation and corruption of astral energy now. Only a heart that is pure will walk through this.
  3. If you carry a torch of light you need not fear these times and there is a certain success for the pure of heart. There will be a Great Challenge through the illusion of the ego which you will need to find your way through.
  4. There is great shift happening on the planet due to those taking from others, control and domination.
  5. The interpretation the Mayan Calendar and the world ending on 12/21/12 are WRONG!
  6. We must return to sacred ceremony to honour our planet.
  7. We must ask Gaia, our planet, for forgiveness.
  8. Our cosmic brethren our returning. The Blue Star people are already guiding us.

It is interesting that many are talking about our space brothers and sisters helping us through the Shift. This is not too outlandish since even the Vatican is developing a galactic philosophy for when they finally do make contact.

Indeed, these are exciting times to be alive! Anodea Judith says “These are the times we have been waiting for,” just as the Hopis have said “We are the ones, we’ve been waiting for. We have definitely chosen to be here, at this time, to guide the planet through its great awakening. We have “become the change we need to see in the world.”

A Prayer for 2012

Intentions that we hold for 2010 so that our planet may evolve:

We ask Gaia, Planet Earth, for her forgiveness for treating her so disrespectfully and for all the pollution we have caused.

We acknowledge that Gaia is a living, breathing, spiritual organism and dearly love her.

May the mystical heart of humankind open so that we have love and respect for Gaia, all her kingdoms, species, races and religions.

May we learn to share, not deplete, Earth's bountiful resources through cooperation and collaboration.

May we embody unity consciousness and feel in our hearts that we are all one and interconnected.

May we view the planet as she actually is – borderless, whole and unified.

May we co-create with the Divine and that everything we manifest also benefits the planet and humankind.

May we replace fear with love, despair with hope, resentment with non-judgment and greed with sharing.

May we forgive all whom we need to forgive.

May we connect to our internal Beloved and come to accept and love all of our parts, strengths and imperfections.

May we be divinely guided through the shift to take the world into a higher state of being.

May we come from soul not ego. We ask for a blessing to keep us aligned with Source and to carry that “ALL IS WELL” feeling.

When we ask for abundance, we ask that all of humanity has abundance.

May we be in a state of gratitude and appreciation and be thankful for all that we have.

May the Divine Feminine merge with the Sacred Masculine so that wars will cease and we move the planet into peace and harmony.

(Ho'oponopono) “I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, and Thank You”

May love, light, and joy lead the way. NAMASTE!