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In Loving Memory of My Beloved Chakra, College Mascot - 1993 to 2008

In Loving Memory of My Beloved Chakra, College Mascot ~ 1993 to 2008

A Tribute by Co-founder, Kathy Ryndak

My beautiful dog Chakra passed away on Saturday, April 26 after 15 years of a joyous and enchanting life. Some of you may know Chakra as she was the College’s mascot often in the classroom with me or wandering up and down the halls to greet students.

Chakra was bestowed with her name when I first got her on Earth Day in 1993. She was in my classroom resting on Linda Kuschnir’s heart chakra when I was guided to call her Chakra. She more than lived up to her name, full of energy, aware and conscious, and connected to both Mother Earth and the Divine. Interestingly, the day that Chakra passed, I was in the classroom also teaching about chakras. I only covered the 3 lower ones, intending to get to the heart chakra after break, when Chakra took a turn for the worse with pneumonia. Fortunately, Linda, Chakra’s second mom, was in the office this past Saturday morning. We both went to the vet and were able to have our last sacred moments and goodbyes with her before she left us. It was a very blessed experience to be with her as she transitioned peacefully to the other side. It was the Perfect Passing.

Kathy Ryndak with Chakra
Chakra and Kathy - Summer 2007
Photo by John Pollard

Chakra has a beautiful, loving essence that will forever be embodied in my soul. Her JOY BODY is magnanimous. Dogs teach us so much about life ~ how to be in the present moment, play joyfully and most importantly how to love unconditionally. They accept us for who we are, flaws and all, in a non-judgmental way and are always forgiving. I really believe they hold the highest of heart consciousness and that is what they are here to teach us. No wonder the word ‘dog’ is God spelled backwards.

Chakra more than fulfilled her higher purpose during her sojourn here on Earth. Being mascot of the College, she brought out the magical, playful child in everyone. In new groups, she was a little ‘ice melter’ helping people to find a common ground to bond. She was able to hold your gaze in a very sacred way honouring the divine within you. I could look into Chakra’s beautiful dark eyes forever connecting deeply to the majesty of her soul. That was healing in itself.

For me, Chakra is a wonderful example of the JOY OF BEING. I could never get enough of her tail wags and kisses. When I would come home from a trip she would be so excited that she would go over board nipping me instead of kissing me.

Chakra graced my life with overflowing love for 15 special years and for that I am eternally grateful. She had a few ailments a couple of years before she died and was such a valiant little trooper embracing everyday even though she had many ups and downs. The week before she died she was still playing with her ball and chasing cats out of my backyard. Chakra, I am so proud of you for being so relentless to the end, never giving up.

I can feel Chakra’s presence, my little furry angel, when my mind is still. Her energy field, which is golden pink, softly caresses my face. She will always be part of my soul – pets can be extensions of our spirit. The sacred bond I have with her is one of the most divine experiences of my life. I know that I have been truly blessed by this magnificent being. I know she is on the other side just joyfully being, playing and sending us many heavenly blessings. Chakra I miss you deeply, sweetie, and our joyful memories together heal my grief. I am so grateful that you have been and will continue to be part of my life. Your essence lives on forever in our souls. xoxoxo, Kathy

We also say goodbye to another special dog at the school. Cleo, Sandy Powell’s dog, passed on Friday, April 18. Cleo brought lots of joy and compassion to Sandy’s classes. She was a healer dog like Chakra and both fulfilled their higher purpose at the College touching the souls of the hundreds of students that come to TAC each year.