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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

We started the new millennium with an inspiring media fanfare of multicultural celebrations from every corner of the world. Back in January of 2000, it seemed like such an uplifting way to start the 21st Century. Those of us associated with spiritual communities tapped into this energy and were very optimistic of the new century and the anticipated shifts we envisioned for spiritual progress and evolution.

Then came the terrorists, 9/11, anthrax, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and for Canada recently SARS and mad cow disease. The masses and media have focused on nothing but doom, gloom and fear since the new millennium's beginning but for those of us who are living in a more conscious way, do we have to succumb to the same negativity?

We hope you answered no to the above question for it is our state of consciousness in the "now" that ultimately shapes the destiny of our future.

If you are reading this article, you have probably spent many years as a spiritual seeker doing inner soul work to transform your shadow. That means you are probably ready to evolve to a higher way of being despite what the masses are collectively experiencing around the globe. If you link with the collective unconscious, you may find that newer, more refined energies are readily available and in are impacting us already. Just witness the influx of mystical and magical energies streaming through to us in such blockbuster movies as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Let's connect to this luminous energetic wave and see what might be trying to burgeon forth.

A Golden Age?

The great mystics and esoteric teachers have always talked about a Golden Age gracing the planet. By all means, they were never really referring to an instant Utopia or that suddenly the world would abound with peace, love, and happiness. Probably, what was really meant is that there will be a time when spiritual pioneers will herald in this energy to gradually change the critical mass of planet over many eons.

So how can you call forth these uplifting energies and begin to live in a "Golden Age" bringing heavenly energies to earth? How can you walk the planet in an inspired and illumined way paving the way for others? How can you live in a sense of beauty, harmony and a metaphor of paradise? We have been exploring this concept for a while and will share with you some basic ideas which are easily adaptable for your personal lives. We are also not naively implying that Utopia or a literal return to the Garden of Eden are immediately on their way.

Sacred Space

One of the ways you can bring these energies into your life is by creating sacred space in your home so that you can be surrounded by higher vibrational energies 24/7. This does not just mean creating an altar or two. It will require you to translate the inner depths and desires of your soul and allow them to be articulated in the creative expression of your home.

You can do this by choosing colours and fabrics that resonate with your soul. Move away from "safe" colours and neutrals for you can be rest assured that your soul will not speak to you in the language of beige. The soul's very nature is sensual and vibrant. Consider faux finishing so your walls become the canvas to express your soul. Work with higher vibrational colours - there are many paints and fabrics now that are shimmering, luminescent, pearlescent, metallic, electric and saturated with exotic hues. These refined colours are filtering down from higher dimensions.

Surround yourself with things that live, move and are natural - crystals, fish in aquariums, water fountains, shells, flowering plants, essential oils and herbs that heal. Create altars that honour your favourite deities, gods, goddesses, angels and nature intelligences.

Sacred Gardening

You can take this concept outside to your garden or apartment balcony through Sacred Gardening. Select flowers through colour, shape and scent that attract and abundance of life - birds, bees, butterflies and squirrels. Shiny, metallic ornaments and crystals also attract nature. Our gardens should be teeming with wild life.

Meditate in your garden, commune with your plants to determine what they need and connect with the nature spirits that yes, are even plentiful in the big city. Have you noticed lately, that all garden centres now carry statuary for fairies, angels, Buddhas, and goddesses? When you water your plants and deadhead your flowers consider it an open-eyed meditation. Always remember that gardens are about procreation and when you dead-head flowers you are actually encouraging the plant to have "sex" again with nature by creating more flowers. Gardens, indeed, are very sensual just like your soul.

Sacred Arts

We can also put ourselves in touch with our heavenly natures through the sacred arts. The soul speaks to us through music, dance, drama and the visual arts. There are many easy-to-play instruments from all over the world that connect us with soul and spirit. Buy a djembe drum from Africa, tinghas and Tibetan bowls from the East or a native rattle. All of the instruments will help you to clear the energy in your home as well as your aura. And your voice, whether you tone, chant or sing is the most divine instrument of all.

Explore multi-dimensional art that teleports you to a higher state of consciousness. Glass art is a medium that readily does this since it refracts and reflects light and colour. Take in the John Kuhn glass exhibit at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery at the Distillery in Toronto for art that is truly celestial and otherworldly.

Sacred Archetypes

Many sacred archetypes have already emerged from the collective unconscious for you to experience. Your Magical Child will put you in touch with playfulness, creativity and spontaneity. The Mystic will teach you how to see the sacredness in everyday life including the mundane. Your High Priest or Priestess will help you to create ritual to honour sacred moments in your life. The Magician will assist you with transformation and magic - changing consciousness to manifest what you need. The Sage will guide you through distortion and illusion. The Muse will connect you to beauty and harmony through the arts. The Sacred Prostitute will help you to reclaim your sensual, tantric nature.

Sacred Emotions

We can move beyond just being sad, mad, glad or afraid. Higher octave emotions elevate us to a more rarefied way of being. Learn how to cultivate a sense of gratitude, appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, joy, love, and peace with yourself and others.

Daily spiritual practice reinforces your heavenly nature whether you meditate, do yoga, tai chi, chant or simply pray. Choose love over fear. Honour your sensual nature rather than transcending it. Realize that you are the co-creator of your own spiritual destiny and make the choice to bring a little bit of heaven to earth now.