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Going Beyond the Secret

Going Beyond the Secret

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

The phenomena of "The Secret" or the law of attraction has been sweeping the planet over the past half year and has especially been impactful having garnered Oprah Winfrey's 'seal of approval' on how to manifest your dreams. We think it is wonderful that the workings of this law have become readily available to mainstream society. We are enjoying the spin-off media appearances and conferences since they go spiritually further than the DVD's focus on wealth/prosperity even addressing how it can be used for world peace. We applaud the work of the teachers of "The Secret" since this will open many doorways for the masses to start their spiritual journey. A world wide catalyst such as this is certainly needed now to raise consciousness on the planet. With this spiritual concept now being available to millions there is greater opportunity for global transformation and healing if the principles are applied with integrity - not just for one's personal gain but also for the benefit of the planet.

In this article, we want to go beyond the notion of "The Secret" as creating your own reality is influenced by universal laws other than just the law of attraction. There is so much more to it than meets the eye. It is indeed, a rather deep, profound and sometimes complex concept.

Two other important spiritual laws influence the law of attraction: the law of transformation and the law of cause and effect (Karma). Sometimes these laws will hinder or expedite the rate at which you manifest. Most critically, we co-create from both the conscious and importantly the unconscious. We attract from our light, shadow and wounded sides. Most people, unless they have done an enormous amount of inner work and are constantly mindful of their thoughts and feelings will largely attract from their unconscious. Their manifestations could look very different than what they initially visualized. It is easier to manifest when we are 'baggage' free but this only comes from years of inner work.

Law of Transformation

Every soul on this planet is here to grow and evolve regardless of whether our ego wants it or not. One of the reasons we come to 'Earth School' is to evolve spiritually and balance our karma. The soul will invariably attract relationships and circumstances to it so that we may grow. Sometimes, the relationships that we attract may be painful and not at all what we imagined. At the onset they may be very wonderful, and because the nature of the universe always directs us towards wholeness and healing, the relationship usually dredges up our shadow. This will make things challenging, difficult and at times painful. It is not because the law of attraction is not working. We will attract people who bring out our greatness and at the same time catalyze our shadow. The law of attraction will work in conjunction with the soul's need for transformation and healing. As the song goes "You can't always get what you want, but most the time you'll get what you need."

The universe will always present lessons and opportunities that will move us to a higher way of being. We have free will so we can either accept or reject these learning opportunities. If we don't get the learning, invariably we will attract another circumstance that gets our attention more blatantly. Often this won't match what you have been visualizing but rather presents the internal block that needs be transformed before you can manifest. The law of transformation is about making the unconscious, conscious so that our souls can grow and heal.

Law of Karma or Cause and Effect

What we sow is what we reap. What goes around, comes around. Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in a like way. This sounds like the law of attraction but it is more complex. Karma also means that we have to deal with our unfinished business; hence, we will attract circumstances that bring it to our attention. This unfinished business may also be dragged from lifetime to lifetime so it does not occur instantly. You may be working through a very challenging situation that is rooted in several lifetimes ago. Sometimes we look at the rich and famous and wonder how they manifest. Perhaps it was a soul contract. If they are acting unscrupulously they may not have to pay for it right away but it will be on their slate when it comes to future lives.

Sacred Contracts

Some believe that we come into this world with sacred contracts to fill. Our souls agree to these sacred contracts before birth when we are in the non-physical. They will reflect our higher purpose and soul lessons that we need to master in order to evolve spiritually. Of course, we have the free will to either follow these contracts or reject them.

Before we are born we have a blueprint regarding our higher purpose for this lifetime. The more inner work we do and lessons we learn allows us to eclipse the blueprint and become the full architect and master of our own life. The Master archetype only comes to us with a high degree of consciousness, inner work and spiritual practice.

Higher Purpose and Manifesting

Our goals also have to align with our higher purpose. If you want to become an actor in Hollywood you need to have the actor archetype within your psyche. If you want fame and fortune for only reasons of the ego and it is not part of your higher purpose it would be very difficult to manifest.

The more you are aligned with your higher purpose and soul's learning the easier it will be for you to manifest. You may think you really want a $10 million dollar mansion but does your soul? If the mansion were to get in the way of living your higher purpose would you manifest? Our ego desires should really reflect our soul desires to manifest with ease. Let's also remember that what we manifest will reflect our level of soul development whether we are an old soul or younger one. Certainly the desires of the younger soul would differ from the older soul. One thing we all have in common though is that we are here to learn about love.

We are truly grateful for the teachers of the "The Secret" since the application of the law of attraction and how it works with other universal laws will effectively catalyze both personal and planetary healing and transformation. Despite all the conflict that exists in the world, we do indeed live in interesting times! The tools to transform, heal and save the planet are now in the hands of the masses. Let's be sure we use "The Secret" wisely to benefit all of humankind.