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From Ego Driven to Soul Guided

From Ego Driven to Soul Guided

by Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

There comes a time on our spiritual journey when a pronounced shift occurs from being driven by the ego to being divinely guided by our soul. This does not happen overnight and it occurs through earning spiritual merit points. Getting there will be challenging as the ego resists this transformation. The negative ego actually has to die for this process to occur. While this is a metaphorical death, it often mimics some of the symbolic transitions of physical death. It is well worth the effort, however, since the guidance of the soul is sublime and it is the pot of gold for all the hard work done on your path.

The Art of Loving

The death of the negative egoic selves occurs through two main processes – love and suffering. When we truly love another we cannot be self-absorbed, self-indulgent and selfish if we want our relationships to work. Certain compromises will need to be made for the well-being of our relationships. We need to embrace the spiritual qualities of compassion, empathy, non-judgment, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude for others and ourselves. This is a tall order which can take decades to master. One of the main reasons we are all here on this planet is to learn how to love and understand that love is the most powerful energy in the universe.

The burning off of my egoic selves has come through love, the suffering of the dark night of the soul and the deaths of loved ones. I went through a profound mystical experience with the loss of my first dog, Chakra, who was like a soul companion. My grief was equally intense as my deep love for her. The day after she passed, miraculously, I was catapulted from grief into an elated, mystical state of love since I could feel her soothing energy all around me. I realized at a soul level, that love is more important than anything else in life. The driven aspects of my subpersonalities felt like they were transmuted through the flames of eternal, divine love. It took me into a process of just truly being.


When we experience the pain of our wounds and shadow we really do suffer. The purpose of examining our wounds is to expose them to the light transforming us into a healthier way of being. Pain can be an extreme motivator that takes us into transformation. When we bang our head against a brick wall enough, hopefully, we know we need to change.

A lot of suffering occurs in our relationships from the pain of our negative ego – the need to control; fear of abandonment, engulfment and intimacy; not owning our stuff; blaming; the need be right and never admitting we are wrong.

Drama also happens in our lives and relationships due to our ‘pain body’ which only feeds off of more pain from our shadow. A sign that one is coming from their shadow is the constant drama that is associated with it. Sometimes the negative ego creates drama to feel excited and alive since we are not connected enough to Source energy to fill up from within.

The Soul’s Dark Night

The dark night of the soul can be an excruciating process to go through. A disconnection to our soul occurs so that our darkness surfaces to be healed by the light. We will feel every ounce of shame that is at the core of our being so that it can be transformed. We never go through this process until our higher self is ready for we need soul strength and stamina to see it through.

During this time we burn off a lot of shadow energy and lose some of the egoic selves. Some call it and ‘egoic death’ although it is really a dying of unhealthy, old personality structures that no longer work for us. Although it painful, the rewards are immense, as we emerge into a higher and expanded way of being.

Your Willing Servant

It is a misnomer to say that we must annihilate our ego to become more spiritual. We want the positive ego to remain since it is the vehicle which carries your soul through life. It makes choices, decisions and sets boundaries which are all necessary for healthy living.

Instead, we want the ego to become the soul’s willing servant – not the other way around. The ego becomes decentralized and our soul becomes the main guiding source providing so much more joy, peace and serenity. We also need to learn the art of detachment so that we are not sucked in by the drama of the ego.

From Emptiness to Fullness

In the course of becoming soul guided, we can feel some emptiness with the loss of the egoic selves and the false sense of excitement experienced from chaos, crisis and drama. This is how a crisis junkie fills up and it is really a cover for their emptiness.

It is through connecting to Source and the Source energy of others that we replenish our spiritual tank. When we are in Source energy, we will always feel good and that ‘all is well’.

We will also be able to sit in our beingness with ease and not have to do, do, do to feel full. We go from existing as ‘human doing’ to becoming ‘human being’.

The Birth of the Sacred Human

It is through the death of the negative ego that the Sacred Human in born. It is very ‘2012’ to say that we are Sacred Humans or Earth Angels and are bringing heaven to earth. While this all sounds very lovely it requires a lot of inner, challenging work. We are not entitled to it unless we earn it!! We can not move into this state if we are still centred in our egoic selves. This can be tricky since your ego also knows that language of spirituality and can deceive you.

The Sacred Human is a beautiful archetype that is aligned with higher octave states of gratitude, compassion, harmony, unity, integrity, respect for all, abundance, joy and peace. As a co-creator, it manifests a sacred way of living through the New Earth energies that are now accessible. It is anchored in the Mystical Heart which experiences universal love for all of humankind, the Earth and all her species. We have brought more heaven to earth since we see beauty and divinity all around us in even the most simplest of things. Love, indeed, is the most powerful energy of the universe!