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Chakra Synesthesia

By Kathy Ryndak

Our bodies are a myriad of energies all working together, or at least attempting to work together, to provide us with strength, balance and stability. Most of the time we take this complex network of energy for granted, until we feel we are running out of energy or become ill. It takes both a conscious awareness of our energy network as well as some action on our part in order to keep everything working together.

The human body at every level is a true marvel. We can ignore it and it mostly keeps functioning. We can abuse it and our body will find a way somehow to rebalance itself. We can do the bare minimum and we will still somehow be moved forward. More importantly, though, if we do work with all of our available energies we can accomplish amazing things.

What follows will be a look at the many sorts of energy that we use and some things we can do to enhance them. Of course, many things we know, but it is usually the most basic of things that we ignore and take for granted. Perhaps as an exercise, rather than skimming over the obvious things, is to identify where you could benefit from fortifying the basics and seeing how your energy can shift. It is also important to recognize that every energy, although identified separately, is interdependent on all of the others.

Physical energy - This energy gives us the bounce in our step and the stamina to keep going. Our physical energy will decline dramatically when our body is not working properly as a result of dis-ease, including everything from heart disease to the flu. Any invader to the body will jeopardize our ability to function at full capacity. The two key elements here, apart from food, are sleep and exercise. Contrary to what many believe about their ability to function on 5 hours sleep a night, all the research shows adults need a minimum of seven hours, and many up to nine hours, to properly recharge the physical body. Five hours may work over the short term but it can have long term health consequences. The benefits of exercise are well researched. It need not be an expensive gym membership. Simple things like walking all benefit the body and our energy supply. The human body was designed to be in motion. Many of our problems are from lack of activity and/or sitting all day.

Bio-Chemical Energy - This really is the third major factor in physical energy and is the result of what we eat and drink on a daily basis. The food we eat can perk us up or it can make us sluggish and tired. Lack of water affects everything from our brain to our skin. The old adage of “we are what we eat” is bang on. It has become so easy to order in, pick up prepared foods on the way home or just go out to eat. The less we personally prepare our foods the less control we have over what has gone into the food. As identified by various agencies many children and adults in North America are well past our healthy weights and in fact, some view obesity as an epidemic. Well portioned food, when combined with even moderate exercise, is a key to maintaining optimal energy and body weight. It can start with just a walk around the block.

Emotional Energy - We can have much more control over emotional energy than many people imagine. Events often occur that we have little control over and can, and frequently do, have emotional impact on us. However, much of our emotional energy is generated by our belief system and internal messages. If we are waiting for something bad to happen, even unconsciously, we are on a heightened stress level and can be irritated and edgy. This drains us of our vital energy. We can become more aware of our internal dialogue and feelings and begin to alter how we view our world. The more positive our outlook, the more energy is generated. Negative emotional energy saps our physical energy as much as not eating or sleeping. While we cannot control the outside, we can learn to have control over the inside.

Mental Energy - Mental energy is generated when we are stimulated by things that interest and excite us. There is a definite connection between our emotional and mental energies. When we are really interested and excited, then our mental and emotional come together and give us a huge surge of energies. Having goals, direction and clarity all benefit our mental “well beingness”. Having to do things that are of no interest or lacking in stimulation decreases our energy and, when combined with decreasing emotional energy, can lead to depression and physical illness. Engaging in careers, hobbies, people and causes that create a genuine spark of interest all increase mental energy.

Sexual Energy - Studies show the many benefits of keeping our sexual energy moving. Whether single or partnered, alone or with someone, sexual energy benefits many of our other energies. While we can choose to leave our sexual energy in the lower part of our bodies, we can also choose to explore the surge of feelings created by consciously moving it throughout our bodies. In general, the western world has a belief that moving your sexual energy needs to result in orgasm, to which the benefits of stress reduction and relaxation are well known. The eastern world, long ago, began to understand that not always having an orgasm and keeping the energy moving inside our bodies had many benefits to our physical and emotional health. If any other energy in our body is running below par, sexual energy is almost always affected in many people. Exploring our sexual energy is well worth the enjoyment and the benefits are many.

Spiritual Energy - This energy is always present, but for most, it is the energy we are most unconscious of. Spiritual energy becomes conscious when we are connected to universal energy and most of our other energies are quieted down. It can be very difficult to experience spiritual energy when our emotional and mental energy are highly active. When we quiet our energies, which can be achieved through breathe work, meditation and/or prayer, we discover a vast ocean of energy that we connect to and can run through our bodies. This energy has phenomenal healing benefits. It can connect all of our energies to harmonize together. It slows our physical functions, thereby reducing stress. It can quiet our mind, giving us clarity. And it can calm our emotional energies, giving us peace. As with our sexual energy, spiritual energy can feel non-existent when our emotional energy is out of whack, no matter the cause.

In breaking down the different energies in the body we may be able to identify if certain energies may need more work and awareness than others. It is extremely important to point out that all of our energies are interdependent and are affected by other energies. If one energy level is not up to par other energies may compensate for awhile but eventually all our energy levels will begin to decrease. Apart from basic healthy living, the use of spiritual energy is by far the most beneficial in supporting all of our other energy levels. Through breathing, chakra clearing and meditation our spiritual energy can move freely throughout our body, opening and clearing the many avenues that our energies travel. For all of us stressed out, time deficient people it only takes 10 to 15 minutes daily to help optimize your many energy levels. Now that is a bonus!