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Divine Connections with Spirit Guides

Divine Connections with Spirit Guides

by Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

In our column in September we explored the concept that many divine beings exist on the ‘other side’ for us to communicate with and receive guidance from. As the veil becomes thinner for receiving wisdom from higher, spiritual realms making divine connections becomes easier. This month, we will look at communing with Spirit Guides, an important spiritual relationship for us to have.

Spiritual and Human Support

Our Spirit Guides are like counselors or spiritual directors from the non-physical who are always present to give us direction and clarity on our spiritual growth, soul lessons and human struggles. They can also inspire our creativity, visionary thinking and the ability to co-create. Many unique concepts and new paradigm thinking are downloaded to us from our Guides. They let us see a bigger, more objective picture helping us to understand meaning and purpose in our life. They offer us insight into what our higher purpose is and are definitely agents for transformation.

When we are confused or dealing with chaos and challenge in our life they can decipher what is happening giving us a higher perspective. They allow us to understand what might be behind pain and suffering. They inspire us with faith and hope when we feel despair. They will always be there for us in moments of grief or loss providing us with a supportive life-line. As you can see, they assist us with both our spiritual and human natures being there for us in times of great illumination or darkness.

The Relationship

Our relationship with our Guides is based on a reciprocal, mutual contract. As we learn from them, they also learn from us while coaching us from the other side. If and when they were in human form, they might have worked on similar issues to ours to reinforce their own learning.

They will never interfere with our free will or take away our learning and lessons. They will not let us down, are always congruent and come when we call. Firstly, they honour our connection to our Higher Self. Messages from our Guides will uplift or inspire us and won’t instill fear. They can also help us to develop spiritual gifts such as energy healing or clairvoyant abilities to be of service to humankind.

A question often asked is “If we can talk to God, why do we need Spirit Guides?” Our Guides help us to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness so that we can connect more deeply with God at a higher level. They are objective and can lessen our distortions when we receive messages. They can bring us closer to God and the Divine. On the other hand, when you feel you need to talk to God directly always honour this – both connections can be on speed dial.

Types of Guides

Most of our Guides have lived on Earth to learn about the human condition and are unlikely to reincarnate. In this vein, they have empathy and compassion when we our struggling with our egos, shadow and the joy and pain of being human. Some can be just pure beings of light and spirit and have never lived in the physical but reside in higher dimensions. Still others can have an extraterrestrial nature being from different star systems and galaxies to provide us with a unique perspective. Some Guides function in a plural way representing a soul group of spiritual entities.

We do not have one Spirit Guide just as we do not have only one friend. Sylvia Browne, however, says we will have one primary guide that will be with us for our entire lifetime. Sonia Choquette, author of “Ask your Guides” notes that we can have over 30 guides of a different nature over a lifetime who will work with us in specific ways. In her book she discusses the kinds of guides that can work with us:

Runner Guides help us with practical situations such as finding a parking space or misplaced items.

Helper Guides will assist with special tasks, projects or to develop talents. Psychics could call on Edgar Cayce to do readings.

Healer Guides were doctors or shamans in past lives provide guidance on your health or illnesses.

Teacher Guides come from a higher vibration and guide us with soul lessons and spiritual growth.

Joy Guides are the child spirits of the universe and bring in levity and play with your inner child. They can lessen emotional pain, grief or loss.

Light Beings are of a high voltage and help us to shift with planetary evolution and earth changes.


Meditation, going into an altered state, opening your chakras and connecting with your Higher Self is the most effective way to talk with your Guide. You will need to stretch upward and they need to lower the vibration to make a connection. Most often we will feel their presence through increased energy around our head, brow and crown chakra.

They communicate with us telepathically so we need to be a receiver and translator of their messages. Guides will speak to us through images, symbols, colours, analogies, metaphors and words. They can use a trigger word or symbol that will initiate the development of an idea. Developing your own intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience will cultivate your ability to receive messages. We need to trust the flow of their information without editing or censoring it. Doubt, fear, skepticism or your inner critic get in the way.

Besides meditation, we can also contact them through automatic writing. Go into a meditative state and put pen to paper allowing the words to stream without your filters getting in the way. Keep track of their messages in a journal and make a point of checking the degree of accuracy over a period of time.

Spirit Guides are your friends from the non-physical and the other side. They are akin to calling a friend, a help-line or seeing a counselor when we need support only they reside in higher spiritual realms. “We can all get by with a little help from our friends.”