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Divine Connections

Divine Connections

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

As consciousness evolves on this planet, the veil becomes thinner for receiving guidance from the non-physical or spiritual realms. We are energetic and multi-dimensional beings and when we are attuned, aligned and operating at a higher level of consciousness or vibration receiving inspired messages and spiritual ‘downloads’ become a part of everyday life. This article will explore many of the divine beings that exist ‘on the other side’ for us to talk to.

Just for starters, let’s look at the plethora of spiritual beings we can dialogue with. There are spirit guides, angels, arch angels, ascended masters, mystical saints, gods and goddesses, and nature spirits such as devas, fairies, and elementals. We can also tap into the energies of sacred archetypes for inspiration or the healing power of animal medicine and totems. All of this can help us to get closer to the godhead because in order to connect we need to increase our vibration. Some people prefer to have a direct line with God instead which also works. We’ll look at a few groups which make communication with the Divine easier.

Higher Self

The conduit through which we want to communicate with these spiritual beings is our Higher Self not our ego. Our Higher Self is the part of us which is divine, eternal, impersonal, objective and of a higher vibration. We do not want to go through our egos since messages may just reflect our material needs and wants and emotional baggage. In order to receive messages that are truthful, wise, inspired and have clarity we have to do our inner work. Our messages will only be as clear and clean as we are on the inside. If we are only into the glamour of connecting with these higher beings and not doing our inner work, the messages we receive will be distorted.

We never want to become addicted to these beings relying totally on their guidance. Remember we have an internal guidance system influenced by intuition and our higher self. When receiving any messages, use discernment and check in at a gut level to see if the message feels right. A divine message will always uplift and inspire and never make you feel fearful.

Spirit Guides

Very simply, Spirit Guides are our teachers and friends that support us from the other side. They might have lived on earth, known us from past lives, be part of your soul group, or be pure light and spirit. We have a mutual, reciprocal contract with them – we learn from them and they learn from us. Interestingly, some of renowned psychologist Carl Jung’s most illuminated writings were influenced by his two guides, Basilides and Philemon.

We work with guides to receive guidance, clarity and direction. They are attuned to our higher purpose and will never take away our learning or lessons but rather provide us with insight and wisdom. They honour our free will and will not attempt to control or interfere with our daily life. They help us with our soul lessons and spiritual growth.

When we are stuck or confused they will provide a higher perspective on what is happening in our lives. They can be very insightful in helping to us work through challenging relationships or in making difficult decisions. They can also inspire our creativity and visionary thinking.

Our guides can be a lifeline when we feel alone in a challenging situation or misunderstood and disappointed by others. They never let us down, are always congruent and come when we call.


Angels have always been with us throughout the history of humankind and are part of the five great world religions. Angel in Greek means ‘Messenger of our Creator.’ Angels are pure light, egoless, directly connected to God and do not have free will or shadow.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel who protects and guides them through life. They will often save us from danger and align us with synchronicity. When we are meant to meet a soul mate they may set up the coordinates so the meeting takes places. We can call on them in times of need and despair. They are always there for us especially at birth and death when we are crossing over.

In Biblical literature, there are hundreds of angels, all with a special purpose. Arch Angels are like super angels who we can call upon when we need their support. Let’s look at the most well known ones.

Michael is a prince of war who fights against the ‘sons of darkness.’ In 1950, the Pope declared Michael the Patron of Policeman. Call on Michael when you need protection from darkness and need to summon up your warrior spirit.

Gabriel governs the arts and creativity. He is an angel of hope, love heart connections and relationships.

Raphael is the guardian of the physical body and healing. Pray to him if you are sick or are a healer yourself.

Uriel governs the mental realm and guides organizations, systems, science and political reform.

Ascended Masters

The Masters are highly evolved souls, working with God to be of service to humanity. They are caretakers of Earth and assist in planetary healing and evolution to take us into a higher dimension and vibration. When they lived on Earth they left a great legacy whether it was in science or the arts. Some have gone to greater roles to guide the solar system, galaxy and universe.

Christ and Buddha are certainly Ascended Masters since they influenced world spiritual teachings. Some believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was a Master because of his profound works. The Masters worked very closely with us during the World Wars, a time of greatest darkness on our planet.

The Masters are connected to the godhead and reside on the 7 Esoteric Rays of Power. Each ray represents qualities and virtues of God which the Master governs. When we experience a Master, their presence feels like high powered spirit guides.

One of the most influential Masters guiding the planet now is Maitreya who embodies Christ consciousness and will help the planet move out of greed and darkness to sharing, fairness, love and justice.

All of these spiritual beings are incredible to connect with — reenergizing us and leaving us with messages of inspiration. They will take us to a higher level helping us to become greater light beings. They indeed are instrumental in helping us to heal ourselves and therefore the planet.