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Divine Archetypes

Divine Archetypes

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

Despite the negative newscasts that we are constantly bombarded with, the world is evolving and becoming a more positive place. It was refreshing to hear the Dalai Lama say this when he spoke at Sky Dome this past April. He believes that we are moving forward since we are far more challenging when a country goes to war, we are more caring of the environment and animal rights in contrast to 100 years ago.

What does this mean esoterically for us? It means that more light is available to us so that our souls may evolve and grow more quickly. It means that more synchronicity and magical, mystical moments can happen in our life. In regards to the concept of archetypes, divine and sacred ones have recently emerged endowing us with inspiration and illumination.

Archetypes Defined

Archetypes are blueprints of universal behavioural patterns that reside in the collective unconscious. When as aspect of our soul resonates with a particular archetype the energies and experiences of that figure become available to us.

Divine Archetypes impact us on a spiritual and multi-dimensional level bestowing us with "gifts of spirit", mystical experiences, deep wisdom and heartfelt inspiration. They are alchemical and help to change leaden consciousness to gold. These sacred archetypes are part of the vibrational change we are experiencing upon the planet and are helping to birth the Sacred Human bringing heaven and earth together in us.

The seven primary chakras can be used as a road map to anchor and embody the experiences of these Divine Archetypes. Let's look at these archetypes are what chakras they are contained in.


The Shaman resides in our base chakra and connects us to the sacred, healing energies of the Earth. This figure may show up as the Wise Woman or Medicine Man who knows how to harness the energy of the 4 elements, the cycles of nature, the healing essence of plants, crystals and animal medicine. The Shaman can travel to various dimensions for healing and empowerment. We can journey to the lower world to retrieve lost parts of our soul, befriend nature spirits and meet animal totems. We can travel to the upper world to meet our spirit guides and learn about our higher purpose.

Sacred Lover

The Sacred Lover lives in our sexual chakra and represents the divine union of the male and female within. When this marriage occurs we experience the birthing of the Beloved within so that we are no longer searching for the beloved outside of ourselves. Ultimately, this enhances our relationships making them more satisfying, healthy and empowering. The lover helps us to own our sensual and sexual nature acknowledging that sexuality, creativity and spirituality are all part of the same continuum - just different octaves of the same energy. The passions and desires of our Lover reenergize our life.

Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior can be accessed from our solar plexus helping us to embody the yin and yang power of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We need to be able to discern when to come from a more feminine versus masculine power in ours lives. Feminine power is when we may be guided to do nothing and not act in a situation. Masculine power can occur when we stand up for truth or defend a right. This archetype also gives us the strength, determination and endurance to work through obstacles and adversity on our path. The Warrior has the courage to go into the shadowy, unknown places of our psyche to transform them.

Magical Child

Moving up to the heart chakra, the Magical Child puts us in touch with the enchantment, wonderment, curiosity and spontaneity of life. It is where heaven and earth meets in us. It is the eternal fountain of youth for it allows us the joy of play no matter how old we are. In this archetype, our relationships and work become more lighthearted. The child is very sensitive and connects us to intuition. Its gifts are creativity and seeing the magic and divine in everyday life. The Magical Child knows that miracles are a common occurrence and expects them to happen.

The Muse

The Muse inspires us in our throat chakra and links us to our unique creative expression. The Muse helps us to behold personal transformation as the ultimate creative experience. It enables us to find imaginative solutions to difficult problems when we are stuck. The Muse inspires visionary and conceptual thinking and brings a return to the Sacred Arts of music, drama, dance, poetry and art practiced in the Mystery Schools. This archetype will gladly download you with creative inspiration from higher dimensions when you ask. Be prepared when it knocks for she can visit in the wee hours of early morning.


The Magician is also know as the Wise Sorcerer and opens your third eye to the powers of wizardry. It is the master of alchemy, transformation and creating our own reality. When we are in this archetype, we can practise magic which is simply the art of changing consciousness through intent and will in order to manifest what we desire in our lives. The Magician is sage-like and helps us to see through distortion and illusion. This archetype is also a seer and enables us to be guided by clairvoyance to develop "clear vision."

High Priest/Priestess

The High Priest or Priestess governs our crown chakra and guides our soul's evolution. It leads us into the hidden mysteries of the soul and initiates us on the inner planes by taking us to our next level of spiritual development. It provides us with a direct connection to the higher realms so that we may be open to receive divine guidance. Ritual and ceremony are the tools of the Priest or Priestess to direct us into transformation and spiritual growth.

Making the Connection

Many tools are available to connect us with the Divine Archetypes. Meditation and journeying can take us into these higher energies. The sacred arts also help us to capture their essences. You can draw them, dance them, sing them or sculpt them. Soundscapes created through instruments that resonate with these archetypes are one of the most profound ways of anchoring them. Ritual and performance art can help us to dramatize them so that we experience them as "alive" characters. Let these archetypes inspire us and lead the way to bring more love, peace, compassion and enlightenment to our planet.