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Celestial Healing Sounds

Celestial Healing Sounds

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

If we could hear the frequencies of celestial bodies what would they sound like? If we could hear the songs of Angels what would they be? When we travel to higher dimensions through meditation, what harmonies would be created in these upper realms?

Recently, many celestial, ethereal sounding instruments have become available to us that seem to transport us to a multi-dimensional reality giving us the sense that we are being bathed in a chorus of heavenly, healing sonic energies. Some of these instruments are relatively new innovations of the past 20 years; some are instruments of antiquity and yet all our very easy to play requiring no musical experience. They emit very high frequencies so they easily alter our state of consciousness. Recent scientific research has concluded they also have the ability to help in the body's healing process. Let's take a look at some of these instruments and how they can help us with meditation, ritual, healing and energy work.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Originally, these bowls, which are made of silicon dioxide, were used to grow microchips for the computer industry. Hence, the sound template they provide has the same capability of quartz crystal that is used in watches, electronic equipment and computers. Quartz is also piezoelectric which means it can produce a programmable electrical response. The bowls and their sound can receive, transmit and store thought and intent. They can also help to clear and balance our energy field and work on the homeostasis of cellular frequency in our body.

Since the bowls are crystalline in their nature, their sound resonates with the crystalline structure of the body that resides in our DNA, bones, teeth, blood, cells and body fluids. They produce pure sine waves which are accurate, precise and resonate with the natural structure of the cell. Interestingly, sine waves are also used in ultra sound and laser surgery.

Marcel Vogel, the famous IBM scientist, found that "healthy tissue in the body is more crystalline in nature than fluid and it has more organized crystalline structure than non-healthy tissues." Hence, crystal sound would help to restore the balance and structure of tissue.

His research also concluded that "crystalline structures emit a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user's mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form and this energy may be transmitted into objects or our bodies through will."

Renne Brodie, a sound worker from Vancouver states "the sound of the crystal bowls penetrates the body, entering into every cell, touching them and causing them to re-balance the energies within every oscillation and resonance. The sound waves build by touching several cells and they in turn touch other cells. So the whole process is repeated until all cells are moving in harmony, not only with one another but also with the sound wave form.

In his book, "The Healing Power of Sound", Mitchell Gaynor MD discusses the effect of the bowls on the body by measuring micro energies. "The human body normally registers in the vicinity of 50 milivolts. During the sounding of the bowls, micrometers measured the increasing rise in the body's voltage from 50 milivolts to a phenomenal 10,000!

The power of crystal sound is far reaching - research shows that the pure resonate vibration of the bowls can carry for up to a 1/3 of a mile from its source.

Crystal bowls are available in a wide variety of sizes from 5" to 24" in diameter and in all notes of the musical scale. The frosted bowls tend to have more of a grounding and balancing effect while the clear bowls emanate a sweeter, higher bell-like tone. The bowls can be struck with a mallet to make a gong or bell sound or the rim can be rubbed to make them sing just like moving your finger around a wine glass. A couple of years ago, the hand-held bowls were created which are smaller, easy to hold and practical for doing energy work.

So what are some of the pragmatic applications for the singing bowls? The bowls can be used to balance, clear and activate the body's energy field and chakra system. They help to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain. They can be used to sonically smudge a space to clear it of negative energies. They can help to increase the vibration of water and charge other crystals and gemstones. Since they amplify thought, they are great for manifesting your desires. They help to transport us to higher dimensions in meditation and journeying. In ritual or sacred soundscapes an angelic choir can be created. Their vibration is so high that one can get a sci-fi feeling of "lift-off to the mother light ship."

Tibetan Bowls

The ancient bowls of Tibet became available to the West when China annexed Tibet in the 1950's. The original bowls were made of 7 metals that correspond to the metals of the sun, moon and planets. The bowls produce a whole range of undertones and overtones.

Since they are smaller and lighter they are easier to place on the body than the frosted bowls. They are great to play on our organs to help restore balance. Four bowls can also be placed on the spine to promote energy flow through the vertebrae. You can gently and carefully move a vibrating bowl up and down the spine for the ultimate spinal sonic massage.

Tuning Forks

A full octave of tuning forks can provide a simple method for activating the overtone series (several notes existing from one fundamental note) in meditation and healing. By playing various notes in groupings the elemental nature (earth, water, fire or air) of our body can be stimulated or calmed. They also have a direct effect upon our craniosacral system which in turn impacts our whole central nervous system.

In 2002, Dr. John Beaulieu proved that tuning forts created a significant increase in nitric oxide at the cellular level. Nitric oxide has several benefits such as increased immune function and energy levels, improving digestion and natural cleansing, diminishing depression and enhancing mental clarity.

The beauty of all of these instruments is that no musical experience is necessary to play them. They create such otherworldly, celestial sounds that you definitely will feel you are not Earth bound. They "teleport" us to higher, magical realms and at the same time help to heal our bodies - like a Celestial Sonic Medicine. They are like precious angelic helpers making divine and heavenly energies accessible to us all.