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Aligning to Source

Aligning to Source

by Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

A natural stream of well-being flows through us when we are one with Source. Source is the part of you that is connected to the Divine — some call it essence, soul or the divine spark within. When we have a strong connection to our essence we feel centred, expanded and are living in the present moment. We feel harmony within and with those around us. Our minds are still and quiet of incessant chatter. We have that ‘all is well’ feeling, simply feeling ‘yummy’ inside. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be in this state more often? Let’s look at how we can link up to Source and maintain this alignment in our everyday lives more consistently.

Being Human

First of all, since we are human, it is impossible to continually hold this connection. When we are on the ‘other side’ or in the non-physical we are always joined to Source and God. We don’t have a negative ego or shadow when we die so we don't veer off course. It is our natural birthright to be connected to Source, but since we get wounded as we journey through life, and are often more aligned with our ego than our soul, this state can be somewhat temporary and fleeting.

What takes us off course? Any time we are identified with our shadow parts or wounds we will diminish our connection and not feel good inside. Instead, we will feel triggered, unsettled or unclear. Our feelings will run within the negative range of emotions.

Since we are all enrolled in ‘Earth School’, a necessary part of this contract is to transform our shadow and change our darkness into light. The catch here is not to stay in a negative state any longer than we have to. We want to learn from the angst of our shadow, heal our pain and move into a higher way of being. When we transform our darkness and learn a soul lesson we naturally reconnect with Source.

Emotions are Indicators

In their book, 'The Astonishing Power of Emotions', Esther and Jerry Hicks state the easiest way to know you are one with Source is through your emotional state. Quite simply, we feel good when we are connected and feel negative when we disconnect. They created an Emotional Guidance Scale with 22 levels of feelings ranging from fear on the lowest rung to joy and love at the highest level. Honouring that we are human, you aren’t expected jump from an intense negative state to an extremely positive state since that is not realistic. You just need to move up one level at a time to find relief and move into a better way of feeling and a higher vibration.

Emotions are vibrations and the higher the energy of the feeling, the stronger our link to Source will be. This only makes sense since Source stems from our soul, light side and spiritual nature. When we align to the flow of this current we will feel luminous, vibrant and radiant. One of the reasons sleep is so important for us is because it unites us with Source on the ‘other side’ so we can be replenished and rejuvenated.

The Hicks also believe that life is not meant to be about paddling up stream or in other words, going against the flow of Source. When it feels like an uphill battle we are out of alignment and need to reassess the situation and nature of our desire. Quite often when our desires come from the ego’s needs versus what our soul wants, it can feel like we are swimming upstream. When this happens, consult the Emotional Guidance Scale and see what higher emotional state would provide you with relief. This could involve reframing how you see an issue and aligning your desires with your soul.


Within spiritual circles, most experts say the same thing about manifesting your goals and desires. First, they should be aligned with your soul versus the ego — which tends to be materialistic and comes from fear. The reason why “The Secret” did not seem to work for some was that there was too much emphasis on ego desires, money and acquiring expensive ‘stuff’. While the soul knows it deserves abundance, its focus will not be on money or coming from a needy and greedy place.

Your desires also need a vibrational match with your belief system — how you are feeling about what you want to manifest. It is the higher octave emotions which turbo-charge what you want to co-create. There is nothing more magnetic than being passionate about something and allowing yourself to dream about the endless possibilities. Think and feel big and you will attract at that level. Aligning to Source and allowing the current to stream through you also makes you more charismatic and open to infinite outcomes.

Maintaining the Connection

  • There are many things we can do to maintain the connection to Source on a more consistent basis. Here are a few:
  • Find where you feel your Source in your body. Many people feel it in their hearts and centre their awareness there.
  • Identify with your light side versus your wounds and shadow.
  • Do inner work to heal your wounds so you do not act unconsciously from them.
  • Honour the process of transformation or alchemy which involves changing ‘leaden’ consciousness to gold.
  • When you transform darkness, albeit it may be painful, know that you will move to a higher vibration.
  • Listen to the voice of your soul rather than ego. We want to become soul-guided as opposed to ego driven.
  • Remember that high octave emotions such as love, compassion, and gratitude make us feel so much better and increases our vibration.
  • Thank the Divine every day for all the goodness you have in your life.
  • Allow time for meditation, prayer, creativity and play.
  • Associate with people who inspire and uplift you.
  • Appreciate the beauty of nature, your pets and people you love to be around.

There are so many things we can do to keep in alignment with Source energy. One of the most potent ways to do this is to be on the love current. When we emanate love from our hearts for the people we cherish we will always be connected. Love, indeed, is the most powerful energy in the universe.