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A Vision for a New Earth Spirituality - Part III

A Vision for a New Earth Spirituality – Part III

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

The World is going through unprecedented change and it is without a doubt the energies of the ‘Great Shift’ are here. The revolution and awakening of the Arab states seems to be of even larger proportion than the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and U.S.S.R over 20 years ago. We see that with excess bloodshed – as dark forces try to regain their power one more time – that transformation can be a messy process.

Indeed, we are experiencing a collision of new world versus old world. If these two worlds collide in your life, something very ‘out of the blue’ could happen and you may feel you were blindsided. Some say they could not see a strange situation coming and there were no red flags to take caution. If this has happened to you, it could be old clashing with new, encouraging you to live more in the New Earth. The old paradigms are disappearing from our system and sometimes difficulties arise because we are responding out of habit in an old world way. The ‘turning’ requires us to be more conscious. We must ask ourselves “is this a new world or old way of responding for me?”

More and more, we realize that we are not in control and all of us are interwoven into the transition of 2012 in a holographic way. There is no way of escaping it, so we might as well surrender to the illusion that we are in control and replace it with the idea of co-creation which is a new world concept. We are all interdependent upon one another and are all interconnected, so together will create the New Earth. We will expand the consciousness of the world, in a way that has not been done before. Some astrologers say that the New World energies were anchored with the Spring Equinox so it should be easier to stay in a higher state without flip flopping back and forth. In this article, we will focus on the art of co-creating and manifesting, as a primary movement of the universe.

Two Movements in the Universe

In new teachings by Eckhart Tolle by Sounds True, Eckhart states that the “universe loves to create, manifest and experience the play of form. That’s one movement. On the other hand, the universe also wants to experience peace and something that is not touched by continuously fluctuating form. It wants to know itself deeply, directly in essence. The Universe wants an outward movement and also an inward movement to the return of Oneness.”

Tolle says the big challenge of our time in creating a New Earth is “to reconcile the inner movement towards stillness and being, and the outer toward action and doing” – or co-creation.

The Art of Co-creation

The difference between co-creation and manifesting is that we partner with God or the Divine to create what our soul, not our ego, wants in life. We align our soul’s desires and passion with our higher purpose. We tap into the divine force of the universe to facilitate manifestation. It becomes a mutual, reciprocal sacred contract with the Divine. It is part of being of service to humankind – as we serve the universe, the universe will serve us.

Some of the aspects of co-creation are:

  • It is done with ease and grace
  • We are aligned with Source energy
  • We obtain maximum results and minimize energy expenditure
  • We trust in Divine Providence
  • When we are in harmony and alignment with ourselves and others co-creation will be amplified.
  • We read symbolic sights and synchronicity and follow its guidance.
  • We take action and the next step unfolds naturally for us.
  • Our work helps to evolve the plant making it a better place.

We understand that co-creation is much more than just the law of attraction – this is too simple and naïve. Other spiritual laws that influence co-creation are the laws of karma, transformation, action, giving and receiving, gratitude, detachment, moving beyond polarity and more. Co-creation is definitely guided by unity consciousness.


Intention is a key aspect of co-creation. Wayne Dyer elaborates on this idea in his book “The Power of Intention.” Intention is more that just having a strong purpose, will and determination to achieve a result. He references Carlos Casteneda’s definition: “When sorcerers beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment, which means that sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do.” Dyer says that “activating intention means rejoining your Source and becoming and modern day ‘sorcerer.’ Sorcerers are those who live of the Source”.

By aligning your free will, with your Source and higher purpose your intention will be synchronized with the power and field of energy of the universal mind.

Little Miracles

When we are aligned with source and believe in divine providence, synchronicity will set the stage for little miracles to happen in your life. Through divine intervention, we will be in the right place at the right time to meet the right people. Synchronicity happens regularly and we know how to read the signposts of the universe whether they have a positive or negative message. The Divine Matrix provides guidance for right thought and right action. The answers are always there; we just need listen deeply and be connected.

Already Here

To inspire a ‘miracle’ to happen, we must believe it is already here. We have to “act as if” it has already happened. We must feel the joy of the end result and the full gamut of emotions that go with manifesting our dream. Most importantly, we need to feel appreciation and gratitude, the most magnetic of all emotions.

The art of co-creating our own reality is enhanced when we are clear, free of doubt and following our soul’s calling, passions and desires. However, obstacles often suggest we need more clarity. That in itself can redirect us and get us back on track. Quite often, it is a process of readjusting and redefining to achieve our goal. And when a dream of yours does come true remember to give gratitude to the Divine with two simple words: THANK YOU. This will always allow for more to flow in.

Stayed tuned, to explore unity consciousness, oneness, the art of being and stillness – all part of New Earth Spirituality.



copyright April 2011, Toronto