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Higher Octave Emotions and Heaven Within

Higher Octave Emotions and Heaven Within

Conscious Living – Vitality April 2013

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak


When we reside in higher octave emotions, we have the opportunity to experience more heavenly and divine energies within.  Some perceive heaven to be a place that we go to when we die if we have led a good life.  Here on Earth, we can view it as a state on consciousness within when we experience high frequency emotions and are connected to Source.  A prevalent concept of the Great Awakening or Shift is to bring more heavenly energies to Earth and not having to wait until we transition to be in them.  Let’s explore some of the grouping of emotions that raise our vibration and allow us to live in a more divine state.

Emotions have a vast range of vibrations with such feelings as love, joy and peace being the highest and shame, depression and despair being the lowest.  In their book “The Astonishing Power of Emotions”, Esther and Jerry Hicks developed and emotional guidance system to help us move into emotions that increase our frequency.  The late David Hawkins created a numerical scale through educational kinesiology which identified the vibrational level of feelings.  For example, shame is ranked as 20 and joy as 540.  He notes that when a dog is happily wagging their tail or a cat is contentedly purring that they are at a vibration of 500.  It is healthy to have pets as they help us to stay in a higher vibration.

Love, Compassion and Empathy

Empathy, or to put one’s self in another’s shoes, is instrumental in developing compassion for others and our self – all part of love.  In order to love in a wholesome way, we must first love ourselves.  Self-love means that we love and accept all that is wonderful about us and also our limitations or short comings.  We must have mercy and forgive ourselves when we come from a lower way of being.

There is a song called “Love Hurts” which is a misnomer.  It is when we are unloving that we hurt one another. When we have compassion for others we understand and have empathy for their suffering or wounds.  Our hearts are open and we want to be supportive to them.  The highest expressions of love are unconditional love or loving without expectations.  When our mystical heart opens we have love for all of humanity, Earth and her species. 

Happiness and Joy

When we are happy we have that “All is well” feeling, are in the flow and know that life is good to us.  Both happiness and joy, however, are a choice.  We also don’t place conditions on happiness.  For example, I will be happy once I get married. We all know that money does not bring us happiness although research has proven that those who are in poverty are less happy.  We tend to be happier when we are meaningfully connected to others and come from abundance rather than survival. 

Joy is elated and exuberant happiness and often comes from taking delight in the smaller things in life. It is cultivated by love and gratitude. Joy can be part of your spiritual practice by asking yourself what brings me joy?

Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude comes from being thankful for all that we have in life and seeing the glass as half full and not empty.  One of the most important prayers we can say is ‘Thank you’ to the universe.  Gratitude fosters abundance and the law of attraction since what we focus on, expands.

Appreciation of beauty and nature will take you into a high vibrational state. Surround yourself with colours that feed your soul.  Create sacred space in your home to lift your vibration.  When you are in nature see the divinity in flowers, tree, animals, the landscape and honour the four elements.


Forgiveness is a cornerstone of our spirituality and is the opposite of resentment which drags down our energy. When we forgive someone, we set our self free from the prison of resentment. Forgiveness equals freedom from our past and it ‘lightens’ us up.  It changes our thinking about someone as we no longer are obsessed by poisonous thoughts about them.  Forgiveness is an act of self-love as we are not identified with our wounds which allows us to heal.  

Inspiration, Passion and Purpose

Inspiration is not just about inspiring others but inspiring ourselves.  When we inspire others, it is contagious igniting our souls and spirits.  Passion is part of inspiration since we are intensely engaged in what we are ardent about.  It also nurtures our creativity and our purpose or mission in life. These powerful emotions put us in touch with our light and magnificence.

Peace, Serenity and Harmony

We are at peace when we accept life, the present moment and all aspects our ourselves.  Inside, we are centred, calm, tranquil and are not enslaved to our thoughts or active minds. Peace is closely related to serenity which occurs when we are still inside having a sense of oneness and unity.  

We experience harmony when our relationships are loving and supportive and when different parts of ourselves work in synchronization instead of being in conflict.  Harmony in the workplace results in greater success and prosperity as we are working for the greater good as a unified team.

Wonderment and Enchantment

Wonderment occurs when are in awe of special things and moments and connected to our magical child.  Enchantment happens when we appreciate life’s magical moments.  You will attract little miracles in your life and have more synchronicity when you come from these beautiful emotional states. 

We need to acknowledge, though, that emotions are not right or wrong – they just are.  If we are experiencing negative emotions we need to get in touch with the part of our psyche that is getting triggered.  We don’t want to bypass them as they represent an opportunity for healing.  When we understand their origin we can then transform them into something more positive. We never want to judge ourselves for having negative feelings. Instead, we need to have mercy and compassion for ourselves.

As we evolve, we learn that our emotions are usually a choice although there are exceptions such as grief from loss or being in the dark night of the soul.  Whenever you can, choose peace, love and joy!