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9-11 World Transformation

9-11 World Transformations

By Kathy Ryndak and Gord Riddell

More than ever in our history, humanity has been at a spiritual crossroad since the Sept. 11 attacks. This is a crucial point in time for us to make choices that come from wisdom and hold thoughts that come from love (not fear) which will, in the near future, determine the evolution of our planet. Hopi/Mayan prophecy for the critical year 2012 is still open-ended. In other words, as individuals we collectively have the power to create the future of the planet in the present moment.

Spiritual Politics

Never before have we heard so many politicians referring to God in their speeches, asking us to unite across religious and cultural barriers, and join together in prayer. After Jean Chretien returned from his visit to the World Trade Centre, he noted we are all brothers and sisters and we must unite. He also said that these tragic events would result in a new order in the world that would be better than what we have now.

Tony Blair's address to the British Labour Party will go down in the annals of history as one of the most inspiring speeches of the century. He talked about how each country's self-interest and mutual global interests are so intricately interwoven they must be treated as one. He commented on the current unity of the global community and that we must be guided by the forces of good and justice. He discussed the need to follow the mandates of the Kyoto Conference to save the environment and utilize sources of energy that don't harm the planet; we need to address poverty especially in Africa, "a scar on the conscience of the world" and help the oppressed people of Afghanistan, particularly women.

A friend of ours asked us if Blair was a "New Ager." He is not per se, but this is a wonderful example of the new spiritual thinking, through reaching a critical threshold, can become a part of mainstream thought.

Interfaith Blending

Many of the public memorial services held after Sept. 11 were of interfaith, with members of various religious backgrounds coming together in unity. Oprah Winfrey did an imformative show entitles Islam 101, to promote understanding of the spiritual concepts of this misinterpreted religion and overcome bigotry towards Muslims. Tom Harpur, religious editor for the Toronto Star, states that any "scholar of religion will confirm that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all one spiritual family. Like all families, there are differences, but they are all inescapably one."

Unfortunately, to a large extent it is the religious fanatics who cause terrorism. The current global situation underscores the distorted extremes of these energies. We can only pray now that these destructive and antiquated thought forms can be recognized, negated, and transformed.

Spiritual Warriors

The emergence of the spiritual warrior or soldier of light is paramount in the evolution of the planet. We cannot be asleep at the wheel right now, for every moment is prayer, meditation, and every thought counts. This is how you can make a difference. Tom Kenyon, a sound healer, notes that the weapons of non-war are compassion, appreciation, love and gratitude. We must hold these emotions in coherency now, for they can neutralize hatred and fear.

There is, indeed, a blatant battle of light and dark on the planet now. Kenyon says light can be defined as anything that is life-affirming which evolves us, while dark is that which is life-destructive and regressive. The Spiritual Warrior also holds the Sword of Discrimination, which represents "the ability to cut through illusion so you can see the right course of action in a difficult situation." Let's be careful not to judge who is good or evil - all have the opportunity to transform darkness now. Remember that peace begins with you and feeling peace inside. Ask yourself if you "terrorize" parts of yourself - like annihilating your inner child?

Divine Feminine

Clearly, it is the emerging archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine that are helping us to heal out grief over this atrocity and are uniting humankind in compassion and love. It will be the feminine that transforms and evolves the planet. Symbolically, it is interesting to note that the male bastions of the World Trade Center and Pentagon were plane bombed by terrorists. There are moving stories about Wall Street on how aggressive financial stalwarts have hugged, supported and cried with one another. Our hats go off to Larry King for featuring so many heart touching stories on the victims and survivors. New York will truly emerge as a stronger, more compassionate city, rebuilt on the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Love Not Fear - Actions

What can we do in our role to help to transform the planet? First of all, in every situation, come from love not fear. If you come from fear, the terrorists meet their objective to disempower us. Spiritually, fear only empowers the denser, darker energies - love is the healing, transforming balm.

When disturbing world events happen, do not energize them through fear. Instead pray and visualize a positive outcome. If negative scenarios are rolling through your mind, replace them with a vision of world peace. When watching television, send light to troubled areas, victims, perpetrators, and our politicians.

Join in the many daily prayer vigils that are happening around the planet. Marriane Williamson has one you can participate in at noon, just by taking a few minutes. Have you noticed how strong the spiritual energies are now as you meditate?

In his book Praying Peace, James Twyman reminds us if you want to experience peace, become peace. You are always praying for thought itself is prayer. Be mindful of your thoughts. We need to pray and feel peace, not pray "for" peace. Believe the world is already healed in the moment. In our hearts, lets sing the beautiful hymn: "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Let this be the modus operandi of the Spiritual Warrior.