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A Vision for a New Earth Spirituality – Part IV

A Vision for a New Earth Spirituality – Part IV

By Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak

It will be necessary for humankind to take a quantum leap in the evolution of our consciousness if we want to sustain our planet and survive. Barbara Max Hubbard, in her series on Conscious Evolution, says that a species will become extinct if it does not learn how to cooperate and co-exist with nature. As a species, we are actually hardwired to cooperate with one another although this may be hard to believe on many days. The Japanese are handling their cataclysmic earth quake though unified, cooperative efforts. A global sense of community was experienced when the world united love and joy for the Royal Wedding. We are awakening to feeling empathy for our fellow humans, whether it be love, joy, or pain no matter what corner of the Earth they come from.

The world is in a state of crisis with unprecedented natural disasters. Mother Earth is not angry with us – she is just attempting to balance herself out since her four elements have been so greatly disturbed by us. We have never seen so much wind or rain causing severe tornados and flooding! If only we could see the Earth or ‘Gaia’ as a living, breathing, spiritual entity then maybe we would treat her respectfully.

We can transform ourselves through this crisis if we acknowledge that we are all interdependent upon one another, interconnected and move to oneness through heart-based, unity consciousness.

Two Movements in the Universe

Eckhart Tolle says there are two movements in the universe: outward to create and experience the play of form through manifesting and inward to deeply connect to formless essence, beingness and oneness. This inner movement needs to be more fully developed to co-create the New Earth as we are mostly in doing mode in the Western world.

The Art of Being

As Westerners, there is not much value placed on the art of being as we our measured by our achievements and outward success. Our doers are in overdrive and rewarded through the results of constant doing. We are either living somewhere in the past or planning/worrying about our future. Rarely, do we live in the present moment with so much mental chatter going on.

We are over identified with the mind and its mental processes. People with higher I.Q’s and many degrees may consider themselves superior to others. While the ability to demonstrate critical thinking is important, Tolle says it is not who we are. You are not your thinking but the consciousness or Source behind it.

When we are focused in present, we are not thinking and in our beingness. We are connected to Source and are one with ourselves. Our psyche is not fragmented with a multitude of voices going off in our head. When we connect to Source, we are connected to our divine nature able to draw on its energy to replenish our spiritual tank.

Tolle says that as you connect to Source, you will experience less thinking which allows space for more insight, intuition and inspired creativity to come forth. We don’t want to be enslaved to the thinking process but rather have choice to use it as a tool. When we are totally connected to our beingness, our observer and the observed become one. There is no separation of our selves – only wholeness. Your five senses, intuition, awareness and alertness will become heightened.

An easy way to experience your beingness is to focus your awareness on your heart centre and allow your self to be in its wonderful qualities of balance, harmony and love.

As you tame your driver and doer, you will be able to sit in beingness with ease and not have to do, do, do to feel full. We will find balance between being a ‘human doing’ and becoming a ‘human being.”

Unity Consciousness

When an astronaut views the earth from outer space, the earth is seen as one – not separate countries with borders. It is the ego and its competiveness that separates. This illusion of separateness is waning and we need to see ourselves as citizens of Earth not just our country. Just imagine when extraterrestrials finally make themselves known to us – we would identify ourselves as ‘Earthlings’.

Unity consciousness exists in a higher dimension, yet we are able to access it since we are multi-dimensional beings. It is very easy to merge with it through group meditation. Here we will feel interconnected and one with one another, have a sense of bliss, harmony, peace and that ‘all is well’ despite what is going on in our lives. We acknowledge that divinity exists in every being, including other species – minerals, plants, animals and Gaia, her self. We feel that I am in you and you are in me.

Connecting with nature helps us get into a state of unity consciousness. When we look at a beautiful flower, we can experience God. This is why so many find gardening therapeutic. Creating ‘heaven on earth’ in your own back yard will help you to do this – you don’t have to drive to a nature trail.

We can also experience unity, when we soul gaze into the eyes of a loved one whether it be your baby, partner or pet. We will see their divinity and how God is within them. In the movie “Avatar”, the phrase “I see you” reflects this sacred state.

We are able to transcend duality in unity consciousness since polarities are not present. Masculine is not distinct from feminine as we see these qualities merge. It will be a miraculous day on our planet when the Divine Feminine and Masculine co-exist in unity consciousness – perhaps finally restoring peace and harmony to our beloved planet as she originally existed.